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October 2019

Is your foundry capable of handling more demand from the automotive industry?

Silica Quartz mine now offers AFS specification foundry sand

KPL Die Casting comes of age

Carrol Boyes: Artist and designer

Environmentally friendly Ecosafe Plus biologically degradable hydraulic fluid gaining momentum

Akhani 3D commercial additive manufacturing service bureau launched by local experts

What comes next for Allied Mineral Products South Africa: Manufacture of precast refractory shapes

Metso confirms closure of foundry – 200 jobs impacted

Can South Africa afford AMSA any longer?

Paul Kruger statue sells for R10.46 million

Hulamin acquires remaining aluminium rolling slab business of Isizinda Aluminium

ZF starts production in East London, South Africa

Important enabling factors for meaningful localisation in the automotive industry

Imerys promotes Durandal and Kersand moulding sand at GIFA 2019

The four challenges in aluminium high-pressure die-casting

Sub-Saharan Africa Workshop at METEC 2019

Formaldehyde emission limits: HA offers solutions for the cold-box sector

Tesla files patent to die-cast vehicle frame

Loramendi and ASK Chemicals enter alliance with voxeljet to industrialise core tooling production using 3D printing

2019 Winners announced for Altair Enlighten Award

It tolls for thee: £5m needed to save Britain’s last major bell foundry

New furnace plant enables simultaneous melting of aluminium chips and ingots

Aluminium alloy breaks the critical 500 MPa UTS mark

Morgan Molten Metal Systems launches a next generation, ‘game-changing’ crucible for holding molten aluminium

Discover the world of hardness testing – Emcotest

Magma presents a new generation of solutions for virtual casting

Norican Digital’s Refill Monitor

Bühler’s Digital Cell is a step change for the die- casting industry