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April 2019

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Foseco to launch a host of new products at GIFA 2019

Pressure Die Castings faces up to the challenge of modernising and automating its die-casting operations

Pfisterer fronting up to global energy requirements

2019 Castings Industries Directory

Elmacast Engineering invests R134 million into upgrades in foundry

Localisation of the South Africa automotive value chain

Olde World Foundry transforms into a ferrous jobbing foundry

Steel group to approach Nersa for power-tariff relief

GMTN 2019, 25-29 June 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany

Dongfeng and Maxion Wheels form aluminium wheel joint venture

Global E-car count up from 3.4 to 5.6 million – growth continues to pick up steam

Vesuvius acquires CCPI

Largest cast bronze sculpture in UK travels to Plymouth by barge

ASK Chemicals celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundry pilot plant

German company KS Huayu AluTech introduces new casting process for highly complex engine block geometries and electric motor housings

At GIFA 2019, HA will be showcasing the exciting possibilities of its Center of Competence

The world’s tallest statue – the towering figure of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in India

Akasel Diamond suspensions for metallographic preparation

A framework for rapid additive design and manufacturing: Subtraction before addition