Hardness testing of metal components: DuraScan G5

Maximum efficiency for your laboratory.

With the DuraScan G5 family, all Vickers, Knoop and Brinell test tasks in the load range between 0.25gf and 62.5kgf can be performed efficiently, flexibly and reliably. All model versions excel with the innovative user guidance system of the ecos Workflow operating software. The test cycle from setting the indent through to displaying the hardness value is always performed fully automatically, thereby eliminating operator effects to the greatest possible extent.

Precision and a broad spectrum of applications
The pioneering standard load range of the DuraScan G5 from 10gf to 62.5kgf expands the application range of the hardness tester enormously. This can be extended optionally to the range from 0.25gf to 62.5kgf, even subsequently at any time! The force is thereby continuously and precisely monitored electronically using a series of electronic force measuring sensors.

Innovation in image evaluation
The 10 Mpix camera employed in all devices of the DuraScan G5 series sets new standards in image quality. The intelligent use of the high-resolution camera chip allows a 3x zoom without having to accept any loss in quality due to interpolation. This innovative solution allows a broad range of applications to be covered with a small number of lenses. In order to make full use of this potential, the DuraScan G5 uses only lenses that offer maximum optical resolution. The proven fully automatic evaluation reliably regulates the brightness of the image and automatically evaluates the indentation.

Thanks to the patented rapid traverse for the height adjustment, the height of the test head can be adjusted at 10x speed. This saves valuable time when switching to samples at different heights. The hardness tester is equipped with a 10 MP camera, which allows the user to cover more applications with each lens. As a result, fewer lenses and therefore lens changes are needed overall and the investment and tooling costs are reduced.

The manufacturer promises a high degree of precision and reliability through use of state-of-the-art measurement and regulation technology, as well as precise results and repeat accuracy. The intuitive user interface of its ecos Workflow operating software reduces the familiarisation time and the number of operating errors. All classic functions of hardness testing are possible here with a small number of clearly structured work steps. The operating software guides the user step-by-step through the measuring process right up to the data backup. The xChange interface included as standard and well documented in all DuraScan G5 devices allows the import and export of test parameters and results to be automated and hence accelerated.

Data management / template function
A measurement data group can be created and selected before the test. All test results are collected in separate lists, allowing them to be represented clearly, exported or saved as a report at any time. Use grouped measurement data management to assign test data to individual users or user groups, components, batches or departments. In addition, frequently used test parameters can be assigned to the measurement data group in the form of templates (method, conversion, geometric correction). This significantly reduces the amount of work for the operator and the possibility of incorrect operation.

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