Hitachi High Technologies Corporation acquires Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis business

Changes name to Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science.

Hitachi High-Technologies Group has recently announced that it has acquired Oxford Instruments’ Industrial Analysis division. The Japanese manufacturer of an extensive range of scientific instrumentation that includes science and medical systems, electronic device systems, industrial systems, and advanced industrial products, has reportedly purchased the division of the UK manufacturer for £80 million.

The new company will in future be known as Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science and brings together Hitachi High-Technologies’ extensive scientific instrumentation portfolio with Oxford Instruments’ 40-year heritage of innovative analytical instruments and services developed in close partnership with industry customers. The collaboration will offer the companies a wider ranging product portfolio, more contact points with customers and more chances to meet customer needs.

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science will continue to specialise in delivering high-tech analysis solutions, developed in close collaboration with industry customers and designed to meet the tough challenges of a rapidly evolving industrial sector. The company’s range of laboratory-based and robust high-performance in-field testing instruments deliver materials and coatings analysis that adds value throughout the production life cycle, from raw material exploration to incoming inspection, production and quality control to recycling.

A team of in-house experts has developed customised testing methodologies for hundreds of industrial applications, delivering simplicity of operation for even the most demanding applications.

“Today we already help thousands of businesses streamline their costs, minimise risk and increase production efficiency. The combined strengths of Hitachi and Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis greatly increases our capability to offer an ever wider range of leading-edge analytical solutions to our customers around the world,” said Dawn Brooks, Managing Director of Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science.

Oxford Instruments is known for its PMI-Master, Foundry-Master and Test-Master range of optical emission spectroscopy analysers, and the X-MET8000 and the recently launched Vulcan handheld analysers used for non-destructive analysis for alloy analysis, scrap metal sorting and metal grade screening using precision XRF technology.

The company also manufactures other benchtop XRF analysers and analysers that measure coating thickness.

The Hitachi High-Technologies Group manufactures electron microscopes and scientific instruments used in a wide range of areas, process equipment and metrology and inspection equipment, railroad track and wire inspection equipment, and deal in industrial materials, optical devices and materials and electronic device materials.

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