Maus acquires Savelli and Fritz Hansberg

Maus, Savelli S.P.A. and Fritz Hansberg have entered into a strategic partnership agreement under which Maus, a leader in automatic grinding and vertical turning, will acquire both Savelli, a manufacturer of moulding lines and sand plants for green sand foundries and Fritz Hansberg, a manufacturer of core making equipment. The resulting group will provide foundry automation and machining equipment.

“This complementary combination, besides representing a strategic growth platform for the three companies involved, will bring substantial value to customers. With the core making technology from Fritz Hansberg and the moulding line technology from Savelli, Maus completes its portfolio as a full global solution provider for foundries,” said a company spokesperson.

“Recent trends show clearly that the foundry equipment industry is concentrating. The combination of Maus, Savelli and Fritz Hansberg will further strengthen the group’s presence in key markets such as Europe, USA and China and will position the group to be a reference point for the industry going forward,” said Mr. Roberto Sammartin, CEO of Maus.

The resulting group will have revenues in excess of 60 million euro.

Savelli S.P.A. has subsequently filed for a creditor protection order with an Italian court. It is not known how this will affect the relationship with Maus.

In April this year Maus Srl established a joint venture with Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. to consolidate and expand the Maus brand and sales network in North America. Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. is a USA producer of no-bake foundry equipment with a well-recognized presence in the foundry industry.

The parties have agreed to enter into a joint venture agreement with the intention of establishing a cooperation under USA law which is 70% owned by Maus and 30% owned by Palmer.