Microfinish Manufacturing takes advantage of foundry assistance programme to increase its global competiveness

After the economic volatility in South Africa caused by the financial crisis of 2008, Microfinish Manufacturing underwent a change of ownership and management, resulting in an overhaul of the entire business in order to optimise operational processes and ensure financial rigidity and sustainability.

While the majority of Microfinish’s employees come from the old workforce structure, there has been a fresh organisational culture that has emerged, spearheaded by Brian Naidoo as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The Microfinish executives have seized the opportunity to take advantage of a government funded foundry assistance programme to increase its global competiveness.

The programme is aimed at increasing the global competiveness of local foundries with export potential. The programme consists of technical assistance by local and international manufacturing experts including the use of advanced simulation technology for process efficiency. The analysis of the design of the current products towards an optimal design for manufacturing was realised through the Casting Simulation Network. The network aims to support the foundry sector, especially SMMEs, with access to simulation software. The network has a main site at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) with satellite sites within the technology stations in various provinces.


The rejuvenated energy encourages all Microfinish staff to actively participate in the continuous improvement process and it is their input which has resulted in a modern and dynamic Microfinish of today. Microfinish places tremendous importance on their ability to analytically measure quality and output of castings and machined products, so that there are better able to make informed decisions and the staff plays an integral role in this process.

Microfinish was originally established in 1986 as a niche market supplier of valve guides and valve seat inserts to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket customers worldwide. The majority of products are for the export market and hence stiff competition is experienced on the global market in terms of pricing.

The intervention has helped Microfinish improve on a number of manufacturing practices and the services rendered by the company.

For further details TEL: 031 737 3300 or visit www.microfinish.co.za