Norton SG Blaze Plus R980P belts

Norton has launched the next generation of SG Ceramic abrasive products for metal removal – the re-engineered Norton SG Blaze Plus R980P belts.

The new R980P Norton SG Blaze Plus belts have improved base adhesion, for exceptional grain retention, resulting in 30%+ longer life versus original Norton SG Blaze products and an improved Y-weight polyester backing.

The above Norton SG Blaze Plus improvements are in addition to the industry-leading performance of the original Blaze products according to the company.


The company says the Norton SG Blaze Plus lasts 50% to 200% longer on hard-to-grind materials and alloys such as mild and carbon steel, stainless, cobalt, chrome, inconel and titanium, they cut faster and cooler than any ceramic products on the market, the advanced “supersize” grinding lubricant extends abrasive life and helps products cut faster and cooler for improved part finish and integrity, and has highest productivity and lowest total grinding costs.

Choose Norton SG Blaze Plus R980P belts for the greatest productivity on mild and carbon steel, stainless, cobalt, chrome, inconel and titanium, and cut 20% faster than the current generation of grinding belts.

The SG Blaze Plus R980P belts are used on portable file belt machines or portable belt sanders for light weld removal and blending, surface preparation prior to coating and plating and removing cutting tool marks from moulds and dies.

The portable belts are also ideal for metal applications such as grinding and finishing of all metals and blending of welds.


The company says when using abrasive sanding belts a light bodied grease applied to the belt surface will reduce loading and greatly enhance the belt life and performance when grinding soft, malleable non ferrous materials such as aluminium, brass, bronze and copper, and use a rubber belt cleaning stick to remove wood and other non-metallic materials that build up on sanding belts during use. Carefully apply it to the face of the belt while running to remove unwanted materials and increase cut rate and overall belt life.

Further, Norton says Norlok and Plyweld joints can be used in either direction, 36″ wide belts can be used on machines that normally use 37″ wide belts.

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