Omega announces strategic alliance with Sinto

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd, Peterborough, U.K., has had strong ties with Japan-based metalcasting equipment maker Sintokogio Ltd. for more than six years. Under a license agreement, Omega has successfully built and marketed the “USR” range of secondary reclamation units. Based on this and to further build upon the relationship, the two companies have formed a strategic alliance.

“Combining [our] strengths will allow us to consolidate existing markets with an improved product portfolio while at the same time expanding into areas that up until now have not been developed due to geographical constraints. These are very exciting times for Omega and we look forward to further growth with Sintokogio,” said Omega chairman Mark Fenyes.

The alliance is intended to increase the range of products manufactured under license by Omega, further penetrate nobake markets, and improve service and support.

The Sintokogio Group is a global business enterprise, which consists of 42 companies in 10 countries with approximately 3,500 employees. Since its foundation in 1934, Sintokogio manufactures equipment for the foundry and process material industries. The Group is engaged in six business segments. The Casting segment offers casting machines, vacuum-sealed processing equipment, molding sand processing equipment, automatic pouring equipment, casting shot blasting machines and related components. The Surface Treatment segment offers shot blasting machines, air-blasting machines, shot peening machines, barrel grinders, precise brush polishing equipment, high precision micro-fabricated devices, polishing materials and others. The Environment segment offers dust-collecting equipment, deodorisation equipment, muffling devices and others. The Carrier segment offers lifting and lowering devices, gravity conveyors, transportation systems and others. The Special Equipment segment offers inspecting and measuring devices, servo-cylinders, liquid crystal display (LCD) panel manufacturing equipment and others. The Others segment is engaged in the design of machinery, and the information-related and welfare businesses.

Omega is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of ‘chemically bonded’ or no-bake equipment for the foundry industry, worldwide. They specialise in sand mixing, mould handling, sand reclamation, coating plants, core making and ancillary items.

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Omega Chairman Mark Fenyes with Sinto President Mr Atchi Nagai outside the Omega headquarters in Peterborough, UK