3D Systems opens up 3D printing applications with new materials

3D Systems has added five new materials to its polymer 3D printing portfolio as the company aims to address a broader portfolio of additive applications for its Figure 4 technology.

The new resins include Figure 4 Rubber-65A BLK, Accura Fidelity, Accura Bond, Accura Patch and Jewel Master GRY, with each catering to specific uses across industrial and casting applications.

“Our team has continued developing new materials across our plastics portfolio to address a broader set of production applications and providing data sheets with key test results and performance specs to make it easy for our customers to make the optimal material choice for their needs. Our material scientists and technical experts have leveraged decades of experience to engineer these high performing materials to deliver accurate, economical, and repeatable results to enable our customers to maintain competitive advantage,” said Menno Ellis, SVP and general manager, plastics, 3D Systems.

Investment casting applications
For investment casting applications 3D Systems has introduced a new casting material called Accura Fidelity alongside two post-processing materials, Accura Patch and Accura Bond. Fidelity is an ultra-low viscosity, antimony-free resin with clean burnout that is designed to create patterns for a variety of castable metals, including titanium and aluminium alloys.

Nancy Holt, director of operations, 3D Systems On Demand commented: “The low viscosity of this material facilitates better drainage and faster cleaning of the patterns, resulting in an expected increase in throughput by up to 30% as we move into full production with this material. The ultimate test is in its castability, and our foundry customers are providing very positive feedback.”

Meanwhile, the new UV curable class of post-processing materials can be used with any 3D Systems SLA resin for creating larger parts and for patching during post processing. Accura Patch is designed to fill QuickCast pattern drain holes, while Accura Bond is a high viscosity material created to join printed patterns together.