Acquisition by Sinto opens doors for Endeco Omega Sinto

The recent acquisition of UK manufacturer Omega Foundry Machinery by Sintokogio, Ltd (Sinto), located in Nagoya, Japan, has opened up doors for Omega’s South African subsidiary Endeco Omega, which in future will be known as Endeco Omega Sinto Pty Ltd. Sinto acquired a majority shareholding in Omega in February this year.

“In addition to the range of foundry sand plant and equipment that we have become known as the benchmark for in South Africa, we will now in future be able to market the vast range of Sinto equipment that the company manufactures for the whole foundry process, from sand treatment to surface treatment finishing, which includes shot blasting equipment, blasting abrasives and peening media,” explained Rui Dias, Managing Director of Endeco Omega Sinto Pty Ltd.

“The joining of Sinto, one of the world’s largest foundry machinery manufacturing groups and Omega not only expanded existing capabilities beyond equipment to foundry systems and processes, but also increased our exposure to the new foundry technologies such as 3D printing. This is made possible through Sinto’s majority acquisition in 2017 of French ceramic 3D printing company 3DCeram.”

“In 2015 Sinto also formed a strategic alliance with German family-owned company Laempe Mössner, a company that manufactures a comprehensive range of automatic core shooters, gassing devices, sand mixers, sand preparation systems, and subsequent core treatment solutions in addition to solutions for the networking and intelligent control of all core shop areas.”

“This is another area of castings manufacturing that we have not been exposed to before and it now allows us to offer equipment from a world leader in the field of core moulding technology.”

“Sinto is one of the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturers of foundry equipment, offering sophisticated foundry technologies for improving casting quality, productivity and the work environment. Sinto has applied its experience and know-how to related fields, serving customers and industries with solutions for surface treatment, environmental preservation, material handling, mechatronics, consumables, and more.”

“Their exposure to technical expertise emanating from Japan and other Asian countries, Europe and the Americas will allow us to offer a complete solution for plant engineering for South African companies, whether they are in the aerospace, defence, medical, automotive, transport, rail, mining, power generation or general engineering industries.”

“Sinto’s lineup alone consists of green sand moulding, tight-flask moulding, flaskless moulding, v-process moulding machines and related equipment, aluminium casting systems for tilting gravity and low pressure die casting, finishing such as shot blasting equipment and abrasives and environmental equipment such as dust collection, exhaust gas purification systems and hoods for fumes. They even manufacture polishing machines and compounds.”

“The company’s history dates back to 1934 when founder Chotaro Kubota’s experience and expertise in the foundry field led him to establish Kubota Seisakusho, Ltd. (Kubota Works), when he developed the first jolt squeeze moulding machine. Kubota Works contributed to a variety of industries with its moulding machines.”

“Chotaro Kubota had previously established Kubota Casting in 1923 while working as a casting engineer and manufactured Toyoda-style spinning looms. Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd., which would eventually become the birthplace of Toyota automobiles, was established in Kariya City in 1926, and Kubota was entrusted with constructing the foundry equipment. Thus, Kubota’s journey as a foundry machine manufacturer began.”

“In 1954 Kubota Works was listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange and in 1960 the company changed its name to Sintokogio Ltd. In 1961 the company was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange and the following year it was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.”

“Thereafter Sinto began to expand its presence outside of Japan opening up subsidiaries in Korea and Taiwan before opening Roberts Sinto Corp. in the US and Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Germany.”

“During this period they also developed their equipment portfolio and introduced some innovative and leading technologies to the industry. The V-Process moulding system was launched in 1972 and this was followed in 1979 with the launch of the SEIATSU moulding machine using air-flow technology and compressed air.”

“In 2000 Sinto introduced its world-renowned environmentally-friendly aeration moulding machine, ACE Series, as well as shell core moulding machines with deodorisers and compact dust collectors and vacuum cleaners for dioxins.”

“In Japanese the name Sinto is written in two characters. The first character signifies ‘new’ and expresses their desire to always take on new challenges and the second character means ‘east’, and just as the sun rises in the east, they are always moving forward with hope.”

“We will take on this same philosophy.”

For further information contact Roy Dias of Endeco Omega Sinto on TEL: 011 907 1785 or email or visit