Advanced Laboratory Solutions presents Struer’s The Professional Materialographer training course

The course covers the theory of metallographic sample preparation from cutting, hot mounting, grinding/polishing through to inspection and analysis.

Through their experience in supplying materialographic preparation equipment Struers, one of the leaders in the field of materialographic sample preparation, have developed a training course known as The Professional Materialographer. This course has become synonymous with the industry and has been presented in countries across the world from Australia to Singapore to Europe to the UK. Advanced Laboratory Solutions – Struers representatives in South Africa – is now offering you the opportunity to attend this short, concise course, comprising both practical preparation work and theoretical training presented by international experts.

The Professional Materialographer is a two-day intensive course in materialography, combining theory, practical work and individual work on own samples. In the theory sections, the basic principles of the requirements and problems of materialographic processes are discussed. The underlying principles of making preparations are reviewed so that you can achieve perfect and reproducible results in practice.

Obtaining this knowledge is also possible for participants who have not followed extensive technical training. In small work groups, the various processes of a materialographic laboratory are carried out under the instruction of a specialist. The practical examples are carried out on the basis of your own materials. Therefore take sufficient samples of your own material.

The Professional Materialographer (TPM) is a thorough training course that will give you a substantial insight in the materialographic preparation process. From the beginning to the end, you are the key figure and you will be an active part of the course. You will be taken through the entire preparation process: Cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing and etching, from the very soft to the extremely hard materials. You’ll also interact with some materials you have probably never worked with before. Often, you will see a perfect preparation result. It does not always need to be so complicated – provided that fast, efficient methods and the correct equipment are used.

Both as a beginner in materialography or as a more experienced participant, you will greatly benefit from the TPM course.

Theory, but first of all hands-on
The training is a combination of theoretical basic sessions and practical exercises in the lab, working with the most suitable methods to cover a large choice of materials.

The main part of the course – approximately 70% of the time – will take place in a modern and fully equipped materialographic lab. Practical work will be supplemented by theoretical sessions, the prerequisite to obtaining good results in the lab.

For Struers and Advanced Laboratory Solutions, the most important thing is to give you the opportunity to prepare your own materials. The last day of the course is mostly dedicated to work with your own samples. You will have the possibility to try methods that may prove faster, better and even cheaper than the methods you have used so far.

Struers training courses in materialographic sample preparation are the only ones of its kind. No where else will training allow you to improve your materialographic knowledge and skills so tremendously while offering you the possibility to share the experience with other colleagues from the world of materialography.

The Struers The Professional Materialographer course, presented by Advanced Laboratory Solutions, will take place:

4 – 5 March 2019 (Johannesburg)
6 – 7 March 2019 (Johannesburg)
12 – 13 March 2019 (Port Elizabeth)

For more information, contact Rialda Davel of Advanced Laboratory Solutions on TEL: 011 462 1363 or email