Advantages of sand reclamation

In the world of foundry operations, sand reclamation plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of cost-efficiency, environmental sustainability, and improved product quality. One critical innovation in this field is the Simpson Pro-Claim®, a cutting-edge sand reclamation system that has been making waves due to impressive fiscal impacts. Let us explore how the Simpson Pro-Claim is transforming the landscape of sand reclamation while helping foundries save money and enhance their overall operations.

Reduce operational costs
Operational costs can eat into a foundry’s profits, but the Simpson Pro-Claim helps mitigate this issue in several ways. By reclaiming and reusing foundry sand, this ingenuitive system reduces the need for expensive sand purchases, saving money from the inception. Additionally, the Pro-Claim operates continuously, eliminating downtime, and reducing maintenance costs typically associated with other sand reclamation systems. The simple design of the Pro-Claim, with only a few moving parts, means less wear parts and longer-lasting performance.

Energy efficiency
Energy consumption is a significant concern for foundries. Traditional thermal sand reclamation systems can be energy hogs, consuming vast amounts of electricity or natural gas. The Simpson Pro-Claim, operates without the need for natural gas, making it a greener and more cost-effective solution. Its energy efficiency and smaller carbon footprint not only benefit the environment but also translates into substantial cost savings.

No confined space or thermal permitting
Compliance with safety regulations is a must for any foundry. The Simpson Pro-Claim provides peace of mind by eliminating the need for confined space entry, a potentially hazardous operation required for some thermal sand reclamation systems. Moreover, because it does not generate extreme heat, it does not require thermal permitting, simplifying regulatory compliance and reducing associated costs and complexities.

Reduce disposal costs
Sand disposal can be a significant financial burden for foundries. The Pro-Claim drastically reduces these sand disposal costs by reusing sand, reducing waste, and cutting down on landfill or disposal expenses by up to 70%. This not only saves money but also contributes to sustainability efforts, which can be a selling point for environmentally conscious clients.

Improve quality of castings
The quality of castings is essential for any foundry’s reputation and success. The Simpson Pro-Claim not only reduces costs but also enhances the quality of castings. The reclaimed sand is cleaner and more consistent, resulting in improved surface finish and reduced defects. These quality improvements lead to fewer rejects, less rework, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

Small footprint
Space is a valuable resource in a foundry, and the Pro-Claim helps optimise it. With a small footprint, it allows for more operational space and versatility in your foundry layout, giving you the flexibility to expand or introduce additional processes without the need for a massive investment in space and infrastructure.

No risk to thermal events
Traditional thermal sand reclamation systems carry the risk of thermal events due to the high temperatures and natural gas involved. The Simpson Pro-Claim, in contrast, eliminates this risk, making your foundry safer and reducing potential losses from fire damage and insurance costs.

No operator required
Labour costs can be a significant part of a foundry’s budget. The Pro-Claim’s continuous operation eliminates the need for an operator, further reducing overhead expenses.

ROI is quick
One of the most appealing aspects of the Simpson Pro-Claim is its rapid return on investment (ROI). Foundries often recoup their investment in as little as six months to two years, making it an attractive financial choice for an operation looking to improve its bottom line.

The Simpson Pro-Claim sand reclamation system is revolutionising the foundry industry by addressing fiscal concerns and enhancing operational efficiency. It reduces operational costs, energy consumption, and disposal costs while improving the quality of castings and safety standards. With a quick ROI and a host of other advantages, the Pro-Claim is a sound investment for any foundry looking to thrive in a competitive market. By embracing this technology, foundries can secure their future and pave the way for more sustainable and cost-effective metal casting operations.

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