AFS announces 2024 casting of the year competition winner

A Midwestern corporate-member iron foundry with a reputation for producing complex castings has been crowned winner of the prestigious 2024 AFS/Casting Source Casting of the Year competition.

St. Marys Foundry (St. Marys, Ohio) captured the overall title in this year’s contest, which attracted submissions of remarkable castings from metalcasters throughout North America. All winners were selected by a blue-ribbon panel of independent judges with expertise in metalcasting design and production.

Other honourees were Meridian Lightweight Technologies, Lethbridge Iron Works Company Ltd., Impro Industries, Linamar Structures, corporate member Matthews International, Lee Brass, corporate member Amsted Rail – Granite City, and corporate member Watry Industries LLC, each recognised for their exceptional contributions to the field of metalcasting.

Casting of the year: The St. Marys, Ohio, USA Power Frame cast in Ductile ASTM A395 60-40-18 material using a gravity pour – no-bake sand with a weight of 2 994 kilograms

St. Marys’ submission, a 2 994 kilogram ductile iron power frame, greatly impressed the judges. Operating in extremely harsh conditions, the pump for which it’s designed pressurises fluid at 15 000 psi to crack rock deep in the earth to release oil and gas. The casting replaces a fabricated weldment, increasing the part’s lifecycle from 6 000 hours to more than 20 000 hours of service in the field.

St. Marys’ Casting of the Year, along with other finalists, were showcased at the sold-out exhibit floor at Metalcasting Congress 2024.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to St. Marys Foundry and all the finalists of the 2024 AFS/Casting Source Casting of the Year competition. Their remarkable achievements exemplify the spirit of innovation and excellence that drives the metalcasting industry forward,” said AFS CEO Doug Kurkul.