Altair wins Airbus benchmarking competition

HyperMesh® and HyperView® to become company’s pre- and post-processing tools – new agreement enables worldwide employment of HyperWorks® solutions in Airbus aircraft.

Altair has won a benchmarking competition, and as a result Airbus will implement a new pre- and post-processing tool based on Altair’s solutions HyperMesh and HyperView as the new platform worldwide. The benchmarking competition, which was initiated by Airbus in early 2016, has led to this agreement between Altair and Airbus.

The agreement confirms the worldwide Airbus aircraft migration to HyperWorks Desktop. It demonstrates Altair’s competencies in pre- and post-processing and confirms Altair’s position as a major player in the Aerospace industry.

The agreement will enable a worldwide employment of the HyperWorks Desktop solutions in all Airbus aircraft, effective immediately. In addition to providing the aforementioned solutions, Altair has also committed to dedicated support of the Airbus teams, which includes:

• Tighter collaboration between Airbus and Altair teams, to set up a deployment roadmap for integration of Altair solutions in Airbus aircraft.
• Customisation of Altair software according to Airbus’ needs and requirements.
• Training of the Airbus Teams on HyperMesh and HyperView.

“We are very happy that Altair won this Airbus benchmarking competition and are now supplying HyperMesh and HyperView to Airbus as their preferred pre-and post-processing solutions,” said Dr. Detlef Schneider, Senior Vice President EMEA Operations at Altair.

“The agreement proves our position in the aerospace industry as a key provider of high-end simulation and development solutions. It also complements and tightly aligns with the long term consulting collaboration between Airbus and Altair ProductDesign.”

Altair ProductDesign supports a wide range of industries with engineering consulting and staffing services to help bring the company’s clients’ products to market faster. Over the past decade, Altair ProductDesign has been supporting Airbus innovations and delivered efficiencies in “Time Compression” and therefore associated cost reduction, driven by synergies between Altair’s engineering services and software development teams. Based on an in depth understanding of the Airbus activities, Altair has proposed a number of innovations to provide best-in-class pre- and post- processing tools, to reduce the model build process and to improve process efficiency.

For further details contact Fiona Richardson or Gronum Smith of Altair South Africa on TEL: 021 831 1500, email or visit