Amended export control guidelines on the exportation of ferrous and non-ferrous waste and scrap

Proposed amendments of the Price Preference System (PPS): Notice 532 of 2020 in the Government Gazette.

On 02 October the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) published the “Amended Export Control Guidelines on the Exportation of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Waste and Scrap”, which came into effect on the day.

According to the notice, on 10 May 2013 the then Economic Development Minister issued a trade policy directive (Directive), that ITAC exercise its powers under the International Trade Administration Act, 2002 to regulate the exportation of scrap metal. ITAC established a Price Preference System (PPS) pursuant to which it would not allow the exportation of scrap metal unless it had first been offered for sale for local beneficiation to the domestic consuming industry for a period and at a price discount or other formula determined by ITAC.

In accordance with the Directive, the scrap metal categories subject to the PPS are listed in the Export Control Regulations, published in Government Gazette notice of 10 February 2012, in terms of the Act the tariff heading, and subheadings are: Ferrous waste and scrap, re-melting scrap ingots of iron or steel (72.04); Copper waste and scrap (7404.00); Nickel waste and scrap (7503.00); Aluminium waste and scrap (7602.00); Lead waste and scrap (7802.00); Zinc waste and scrap (7902.00); Tin waste and scrap (8002.00); Tungsten (Wolfram) waste and scrap (8101.97); Molybdenum waste and scrap (8102.97); Tantalum waste and scrap (8103.30); Magnesium waste and scrap (8104.20); Cadmium waste and scrap (8107.30); Antimony waste and scrap (8110.20); Manganese waste and scrap 8111.00 and beryllium, chromium, germanium, vanadium, gallium, hafnium, indium, niobium (columbium) rhenium and thallium waste and scrap (81.12).

The Amended Export Control Guideline is accessible at: