ASK Chemicals presents REZIANCE resin portfolio

ASK Chemicals, a global leader in chemical solutions for the casting industry and a supplier of high-performance resins, has unveiled its new REZIANCE brand portfolio of industrial resins. Building on its expertise in phenolic resins in both the foundry and industrial resin businesses, ASK Chemicals is expanding its footprint into new markets with a new product line of phenolic resins.

The acquisition of the industrial resin business in 2021 represented a significant milestone in ASK Chemicals’ diversification strategy. It expanded the company’s focus to include a wide range of applications such as friction, abrasives, refractories, impregnation, wood, paints and coatings.

“ASK Chemicals offers high-performance phenolic resins and specialty solutions for casting and a growing range of industrial applications. With the launch of our REZIANCE industrial resin brand, we are embarking on an exciting journey of diversification. I am confident that with our passionate global team and our high-performance products, we offer attractive benefits to our customers,” stated Christoph Henseler, Chief Business Development Officer at ASK Chemicals.

ASK Chemicals’ technical understanding of the industries, combined with its legacy expertise in industrial phenolic resins, makes the company a partner of choice for demanding technical solutions. The commitment to technical excellence and high customer satisfaction has always been central to ASK Chemicals’ go-to-market approach.

At the upcoming SAE Brake Colloquium ASK Chemicals will showcase its technological solutions for braking systems. The event will provide attendees with an exclusive opportunity to learn first-hand about the company’s braking system solutions for enhanced safety and performance.

This is an international press release and products might not be available locally. Check with ASK Chemicals in South Africa.

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