ASK Chemicals successfully rolls out new release agent for inorganic processes

The newly developed release agent Ecopart H-INO 50, which is suitable for all inorganic core and mould-making processes such as the Inotec system, impresses due to its application properties while at the same time being free from any harmful constituents and solvents. The release agent Ecopart H-INO 50 has been specially developed for inorganic core and mould-making processes. The foundry supplier from Hilden, which rolled out the Inotec system in 2005, has focused its knowledge and expertise on the field of inorganics to develop a powerful release agent for inorganic core and mould-making processes.

Ecopart H-INO 50 is an eco-friendly water-based emulsion and dispersion of release-active substances and additives, which is virtually odourless even at temperatures of 200 °C. The new release agent requires no special labelling and is free from any harmful constituents and solvents.


The excellent creep properties of the highly effective release-active substances contained in the formulation also guarantee that difficult-to-access delicately engraved areas can be reached and thus allow shakeout of even the most complex models to occur with ease. The use of special additives significantly prolongs the life of the release agent on the tooling, saving material costs on the one hand and processing steps on the other. Depending on the tool and mould, the new release agent has up to four times as long a service life as comparable release agents for inorganic core and mould-making processes.

Experience also shows that Ecopart H-INO-50 wears away evenly on the tooling over time, preventing material build-up. This makes regular cleaning of the tools and moulds easier. Finally, due to its economical use, a perfect surface to the produced cores is achieved.

With the development of the new release agent Ecopart H-INO 50, ASK Chemicals is bringing another product to the market that effectively manages the balancing act between environment and workplace compatibility, on the one hand, and the strictest foundry requirements, on the other. The product is already now being successfully used at prestigious automotive foundries just a short time after its market launch.

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