Atlantis Foundries receives sustainability award

Atlantis Foundries has been presented with the prestigious Best Brownfield / Expansion Project award at the 2019 Investment Conference in Sandton. The award is in recognition of the company’s efforts towards its continued sustainability and contribution to local society.

“This is an award to Atlantis Foundries employees and in recognition of our continuing investment in the company and drive towards a sustainable future,” said Christoph Ewers, Director, Atlantis Foundries.

“We understand this also to be in recognition of all the other automotive component manufacturers in South Africa who are not all large companies, but together consistently create enormous value in South Africa and essentially contribute to South African exports and GDP,” added Ewers.

More recently Atlantis Foundries embarked on a process that will pave the way to becoming a Smart Foundry by embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This project aims to combine various technologies available to gather and analyse process data, with the aim of improving product quality and cost efficiency. The basic building blocks for such a concept are robotics, process instrumentation, and the tracking of components using RFID and other software applications. With all the data available and it being traceable to individual castings, the door has opened to enable the use of Artificial Intelligence for process control and inspection of components

Atlantis Foundries is a member of the National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM). “NAACAM is the organisation that combines the many component companies that together are the backbone of the South African automotive industry, which is so important to bring and develop skills and technical know-how,” he explained.

Atlantis Foundries is a team of about 800 employees that manufactures engine blocks for trucks and exports 100% of its products.

“Over the past three years, we have substantially improved our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with great success. Our quality outperforms our international competitors and we proudly cast the words ‘Made in South Africa’ as a sign of quality in each of our engine blocks.”

“We hope to continue raising the profile and importance of the auto sector. It is a high-volume, low-margin industry with an enormous contribution to employment, skills development and know-how transfer, as well as a sustainable pillar of our society,” said Ewers.

“In terms of exports, containing costs are a challenge for exporters to remain internationally competitive. We appreciate Government’s ongoing support of the auto sector which is crucial for success and global competitiveness.”

“In our view, South Africa is on the correct path, and there is more potential, especially with regards to the deepening of the existing South African auto supply chain and the export of components.”