Belec Compact Port HLC

The Belec Compact Port HLC is a portable hybrid spectrometer for metal analysis of carbon combined with the unique and flexibile 6GSO-System. What has only been able to be previously done on laboratory spectrometers, is now able to be done on Belec’s latest portable spectrometer generation.

Belec engineers have developed a unique solution – the hybrid-double-spectrometer inside the new Belec Compact Port HLC. Flexibility, combined with best possible precision are now possible by using the latest digital detectors (CCD) that cover the entire spectral range for consequent line selection without compromises, plus high performing photomultipliers for selected elements like carbon that guarantee lowest detection limits and unattained performance.

The Belec Compact Port HLC spectrometer offers a variety of application possibilities. Whether it is used for measuring in production areas, on pipes in construction sites or in scrap yards. Moving from one application to another is no problem for the instrument with its heat-stabilised climatic chamber. Furthermore, only one person is needed for transport and operation of the equipment.

High-precision analysis and quick mix-up check
Every type of probes is especially designed for an appropriate use. For each analysis assignment you have the most suitable equipment at your disposal. Your high-precision analytical apparatus can be converted into a quick mix-up checking instrument in no time.

Together with a device for an argon bottle, storage for samples or grinder, the spectrometer turns into a mobile laboratory on an adequate trolley. Due to the ergonomically designed construction a comfortable operation of the equipment is granted.

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