The new Bruker Elemental Q2 ION

Ultra-compact spark-OES metals analyser

Bruker Elemental´s new spark spectrometer Q2 ION elevates metal analysis into new levels of simplicity and ease-of-use. Today Q2 ION is the smallest and lightest ultra-compact spark emission spectrometer for metals analysis available. It is a versatile multi-matrix system for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys. Its affordable price and low operational costs make it the ideal tool for smaller and medium-size businesses.

Q2 ION covers all major alloying elements in major applications such as iron and steels, aluminium, copper, brasses, and bronzes, and many more. It ideally addresses the requirements of small and mid-size foundries, metal processing industries, fabricators, quality control departments, warehouses, metal recyclers, and even inspection companies.

Q2 ION – performance and simplicity
It´s design makes Q2 ION ultra-light, less than 28 kgs, so it can easily be hand-carried even to a nearby site for analysis. An optional case is also available. Despite its low weight, it is suitable for applications in which ruggedness is required. Q2 ION also defines new standards in ease-of-use. Place your sample onto the spark stand and press the start button. In less than thirty seconds you get the complete elemental composition of your metal. The new generation now features an extended range of elements in all three matrices.

Q2 ION – patented optical system
The new patented Flat Field CCD optics is a masterpiece of optics design and mechanical engineering. Active Ambient Compensation (AAC) provides maximum stability in a temperature range between 10 and 45° C. The high definition CCD detector together with well-proven ClearSpectrum® technology provides best-in-class analytical performance.

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