Bruker Q2 ION metal analyser now also available for zinc

The success story of the metal analyzer Q2 ION continues.

Bruker Elemental GmbH has the Q2 ION now extended by a further NE application. It is now available to use on Zamak alloys for die-cast zinc such as ZL0400, ZL0410, and ZL0430 which can be analysed. But also the composition of electroplating zinc and many other alloys of zinc base can be quickly, accurately and reliably determined with Q2 ION.

The analysis of zinc-base makes Q2 ION attractive for zinc die casters, re-melters, and manufacturers of pipe fittings, zinc recycling, galvanizing plants, and many more…

The optical emission spectrometer Q2 ION corresponds to the request of many customers for a small, simple and easy-to-use system for metal analysis. Therefore, special emphasis was paid to a simplified operation, minimized maintenance, short analysis times and a rapid start-up routine. The system is ready for use after a few minutes. This also makes it ideal for on-site use. The Q2 ION can also be used on steel, iron, aluminium, and copper applications.


The Q2 ION – the perfect symbiosis of simplicity and analytical performance!
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