Bruker Q4 Tasman – the ‘multi-tool’ in metal analysis

Everyone knows the small, handy tool with its many practical functions. It offers many features, is quick and ready for use and needs almost no space. The comparable multi-tool for metal analysis is the Q4 Tasman spark spectrometer from Bruker Elemental.

Companies that need to check the elemental composition of their semi-finished products and small pieces know this situation well: To handle the analysis, preparation of tubes, wires and fittings is often difficult, but the result is needed quickly and must be exact.

With the Q4 Tasman, Bruker Elemental provides a compact all-rounder. Equipped with various adapters for the optimal loading of differently sized samples, goods inspection is totally simplified. Even small parts can be readily analysed. For the user, it quickly becomes clear whether the incoming material meets the required specifications and thus can produce its high-quality products at all.

Always there, where flexibility is required, the optical emission spectrometer Q4 Tasman can be used universally for all materials.

To make it easy for users, the Q4 Tasman offers innovative analysis that contain all the essential elements, calibrations and alloys of the corresponding matrix. It couldn’t be simpler. An additional quality assurance feature of the Q4 Tasman is its ability to determine insoluble aluminium content, an important criterion for quality assurance in ball-bearing and deep-drawing steels and the production of wires for steel cord for tires.

The optical system in the Q4 Tasman has been optimized for the task. A powerful readout system scans the detectors 30 times faster than before and provides the user with an element analysis in a very short time. But quick is also accurate, through optimum accommodation of the sample. For this important step, the Q4 Tasman uses a pneumatic sample holder at the spark stand. This enables user-friendly operation, ensures the stable fixation of the sample during the spark, a precise analysis flow and ultimately accurate results. The pneumatic sample holder also allows a quick change of the sample.

For all important analytical requirements, Bruker Elemental provides three models of the Q4 Tasman:

The Q4 Tasman 200 for non-ferrous applications where no UV-range elements are needed;
The Q4 Tasman 170 for applications with important elements in the UV range (C, P, S, As, Sn, B, etc.) and;
The powerful Q4 Tasman 130, where short-wavelength elements in the UV range, such as nitrogen and oxygen, can be determined.

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