Bruker’s XRF PMI guns and Q2 ION spark emission spectrometer

When it comes to Positive Material Identification (PMI), Bruker provides a fast, easy and completely non-destructive analysis method for every metal component: XRF PMI guns. Whatever industry you are in, alloy component reliability, traceability, and safety are of the utmost importance. Whether you are testing small solder joints on aircraft circuit boards or miles of pipeline in a petrochemical refinery, a 100% positive material identification and verification program can eliminate costly alloy mix-ups, improve product quality, and prevent injuries or even loss-of-life.

Bruker’s Q2 ION is one of the smallest and lightest ultra-compact spark emission spectrometer for metal analysis available today. An affordable price and low operational costs make this spectrometer the ideal tool for smaller and medium-size businesses.

The most compact metals analyser from Bruker weighs less than 28kg, has iron, copper and aluminium matrixes available on one instrument, has an integrated unit featuring a built in computer and touch screen and the full spectrum coverage is 170 to 685nm.

Applications include iron and steel and its alloys, aluminium and its alloys and copper and its alloys. Further applications upon request.

Besides the classical analysis workflow, the Q2 ION now also offers a dedicated workflow for positive material identification (PMI), especially useful for incoming material testing and quality control of metal alloys.

Its design makes Q2 ION very compact and ultra-light. It can easily be brought to a nearby site for analysis. Despite its low weight, it is suitable for applications in which ruggedness is required.

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