Castings Technology International becomes AMRC partner

Castings Technology International (Cti), has become a new partner of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), recognising the ‘synergy’ between the two organisations and the value it will bring to its customers.

Cti is a leading provider of production, innovation, technology, expertise and services to the cast metals sector. Sitting alongside the AMRC on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, Cti provides advanced casting expertise and manufacturing capabilities, including computer process modelling, design for casting manufacture, rapid manufacture of precision castings, additive processes and materials research, for aerospace and other high-value manufacturing industries.

Managing director, Richard Cook, said: “With extensive multi-alloy manufacturing capability, unique consultancy services and a global network of foundry members, Cti is a one stop shop for casting designers, users and manufacturers.”

“Once a subsidiary of the AMRC, Castings Technology International is delighted to have become a member of this world-leading cluster of research groups. There is a great deal of synergy in what we do, in particular the ability to signpost clients from pure R&D towards the exploitation of newly developed technology and vice versa for those with mature products who are looking for R&D support. We relish the continued association with AMRC and the value that it will add to both Cti and our customer base.”

Formed in 1996, following the merger of the British Cast Iron Research Association and British Steel Casting Research Association, Cti moved to a 5 000m² workshop in Rotherham in 2006. In 2013, the University of Sheffield acquired the company and Titanium Castings UK to form CTI as a University subsidiary. Funding was also secured to expand the facility to 1 200m² and to house Europe’s largest titanium melting facility.

In 2021, the management team and the University of Sheffield agreed a management buyout with ownership transferred to the company’s existing management team, which operates it as a privately-run business.

Cti has become a Tier 2 member or the AMRC, part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, which allows it to participate in, and obtain the results of, all generic projects as well as being represented on the AMRC’s industrial board. Membership is open to any company which works in a complementary area or which wishes to participate in the support of the AMRC’s research programmes.

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