Ceba and Kanthal in strategic partnership for the green shift – focus on electric ladle and tundish preheaters

The steel and metal industry’s quest to decarbonise production requires new solutions for heating processes such as ladle and tundish preheating. A new strategic partnership between Kanthal, a global leader in industrial heating technology, and Ceba, an expert in equipment for ladle and tundish preheating and drying, aims to offer sustainable electric solutions for these processes, advancing the green technology shift.

As the steel and metal industry is looking for ways to decarbonise production, the demand for sustainable heating solutions is growing. Ladle and tundish preheating and drying are processes that today rely on fossil fuels with open flames powered by gas burners. With this partnership, Kanthal and Ceba will expand their capabilities and resources to provide innovative electrified alternatives to these processes. This will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and improve workplace safety.

The collaboration brings together Kanthal’s cutting-edge industrial heating technology and Ceba’s proficiency in engineering and manufacturing industrial heating equipment, delivering comprehensive electrified solutions for industrial heating requirements across various sectors. Ceba will develop equipment that incorporates existing heating technology from Kanthal.

“We’re thrilled about this partnership as it will enable the market introduction of electric ladle and tundish heaters, which is something that the industry is asking for,” said Rickard Dahlgren, Acting President Business Unit Heating Systems.

“We are proud of this strategic partnership which is the result of a shared vision and commitment to reduce carbon emission in the metal industry, providing a significant step for a more sustainable future. We look forward to sharing the innovative systems that will emerge from this partnership,” said Cesare Baldassari, Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of Ceba.