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200 Bergrivier Drive, Chloorkop, Kempton Park
Gauteng, South Africa.
Tel: +27 (11) 0861 – 299 918
Alt. Tel: +27 (11) 0871 – 513 349

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Applied Casting Solutions is a business unit of ChemSystems, a division of the AECI group. The unit specialises in the supply of foundry resins and various other foundry related chemicals and products.

Applied Casting Solutions represents ASK Chemicals, in South Africa. ASK is a multinational business, with its head-office in Germany and is a global leader and innovator in foundry technology with comprehensive manufacturing, logistics and research capabilities across the globe.

Together with comprehensive support from ASK, Applied Solutions with its local foundry industry specialists provides comprehensive technical support in the application of the products, as well as developing tailored product solutions to suit local requirements and conditions.

The unit has a comprehensive logistics network across South Africa with its central sales and administration offices based in Chloorkop, Gauteng and satellite operations in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. Also based at Chloorkop are the units main warehouse, manufacturing and laboratory facilities.

ASK Chemicals
ASK Chemicals is one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals, with a comprehensive product and service portfolio of binders, coatings, feeders, filters and release agents, as well as metallurgical products including inoculants, Mg-treatment and inoculation wires and master alloys for iron casting.

ASK Chemicals is represented in 25 countries with 30 sites, 20 of which operate their own production, and employs approximately 1,800 people worldwide. With research and development in Europe, America and Asia, ASK Chemicals sees itself as the driving force behind industry-specific innovations and is committed to offering customers a consistently high level of quality. Flexibility, quickness, quality and sustainability as well as cost-effective products and services are of key importance.


Core and mould production: Polyurethane cold-box, Alkaline phenolic – ester-cured no-bake, Polyurethane no-bake and Furan no-bake

Coatings: Alcohol and water based mould and core coating systems suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous applications

Release agents: No-bake process, Cold-box process, Green sand moulding

Metallurgical products: Innoculants, De-slagulents, Ferro alloys, Mg-wire

Ancillary products: Chaplets, Core vents, Core adhesives, Metal cleaners, Sand additives, Synthetic sands, Ceramic washers