ChemSystems – uniquely service-oriented

Upgrade of its Chloorkop laboratory enables it to accommodate increasing volumes.

ChemSystems Foundry division continues to bring the entire package including great products, local expertise, world-class technologies and a sincere commitment to local industry. Director of ChemSystems, Lance Dell explains how the business leverages global relationships and a service-centric approach to deliver a responsive and technologically adept local partner for ChemSystems’ customers.

Uniquely service-oriented
ChemSystems’ intensive service model has always been a key differentiator for the business. The recent upgrade of its Chloorkop laboratory enables it to accommodate increasing volumes. More importantly it reinforces ChemSystems’ technical ability to service its customers.

“We’ve identified a definite need locally for technical skills and technical assistance in terms of sand testing, R&D, and customised solutions,” explains Dell.

“Our new facility creates the ideal platform for our business to offer these services faster and more cost effectively here in South Africa.”

State-of-the-art reactors at ChemSystems plant in AECI Chem Park, Chloorkop

Another view of the state-of-the-art reactors at ChemSystems plant in AECI Chem Park, Chloorkop

“The company has just invested R1.8 million in improving its testing equipment and facilities, with particular focus on sand testing. Given the heterogenous quality of sand in the region, this is going to offer some great advantages to the foundry industry. This includes insight into sand flowability, amine consumption, reactivity of different amines, strength development and sand mix bench life (e.g. influence of sand moisture and sand pH).

General resin R&D, basic sand testing and problem solving remain a given
“The lab is supported by additional auxiliary equipment such as a state-of-the art sand mixer and tensile tester as well as world class core-shooting equipment, which is computer controlled.”

Global technology, produced locally
“ChemSystems enjoys a powerful, longstanding partnership with German-based ASK and have been distributors for more than 40 years. The relationship translates into wealth of technology, R&D and support for ChemSystems’ own plants, which currently produce a number of formulations on home soil.

An investment of R1.8 million in laboratory equipment enables ChemSystems to accommodate increasing volumes

World class manufacturing facilities at ChemSystems Chloorkop plant

“Our manufacturing capabilities are often overlooked. We produce part one of our cold box resins and other reactive resins at our Umbogintwini plant in Kwazulu Natal. Our world-class Chloorkop plant in Gauteng is dedicated to the production of part two cold box resins and catalysts. We’ve gone so far as to backward integrate the supply of some of our raw materials for our resins as a means of securing supply and controlling costs. These economic advantages are passed onto our customers,” says Dell.

Customer-centric, collaborative partnerships
“ChemSystems’ success is closely linked to that of its customers. But beyond that, it truly believes in the local industry and what these foundries are capable of, continually looking to expand and develop offerings where its customers will realise the most benefit,” says Dell.

“Our partnership with ASK allows us to explore custom solutions for our local market to deliver turnkey solutions to multiple customer challenges.”

The new tensile tester in the Chloorkop laboratories

Chemsystems manufacturing plant in Umbogintwini, Kwazulu Natal

“One such customer is Atlantis Foundries in the Western Cape. Globally acclaimed, Atlantis holds itself accountable to extremely exacting standards and continuously strives to improve the efficiency and quality of its processes and products. ChemSystems worked closely with the team at Atlantis to formulate a state-of-the art, high-performance resin, known as Askocure, ideal for the foundry’s demanding production processes.”

“Previously imported from Germany, the new age cold box resin was formulated by Chemsystems local lab with input from ASK. Scientists have adapted the formulation to take the foundry’s unique local conditions into account as well as green concerns critical to its business. Lower harmful emissions and lower phenol content means less impact on workers’ health and on the environment. The fact that it’s manufactured here in South Africa also helps contribute to Atlantis’ local production goals.”

One of the reactors at ChemSystems Umbogintwini plant

The new Laempe core shooter in the Chloorkop laboratories

“ChemSystems regularly collaborates with its customers on their production systems, finding solutions that work for them. Another automotive foundry customer required cores with a high immediate strength. Not only could they produce more cores in a shorter time, they significantly reduced core scrap and casting defects.”

Giving you the edge
“With over 140 years’ tenue in the industry, few are better equipped than Chemsystems when it comes to understanding and resolving casting challenges. Many of the problems our customers experience are things we’ve come across in one form or another. We have a wealth of experience in trouble shooting and problem solving,” says Dell.

“Seeing how our customers are growing and the new directions they want to take, that is really exciting for us technically and is where we see our expertise and ability to innovate really adding value to the industry,” concluded Dell.

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