Chinese foundry orders 41 Westomat dosing furnaces from StrikoWestofen

When a foundry company converts its production to a completely new system, it has to be 100 percent convinced of its benefits. This is true for the Chinese Hongbang Die Casting Company (Nantong City, Jiangsu Province). In addition to the switch, the company used the occasion of the opening of a new production location to order 41 Westomat dosing furnaces from StrikoWestofen Asia (Taicang). This is the biggest single order for Westomat in the whole of Asia.

The Hongbang Die Casting Company specialises in the manufacture of tool designs and cast aluminium parts and in precision engineering. It supplies companies from the automotive sector such as Mercedes-Benz and Tesla Motors.


The company has worked with the ladle system up to now. However, as the demands made on quality and reliable reproducibility continue to rise in lightweight construction in particular, Hongbang has now set its sights on modern dosing technology, including the new ProDos 3 control from StrikoWestofen (Gummersbach).

For the total of 41 Westomat dosing furnaces, Hongbang decided on four different sizes – the Westomat 900, 1200, 2300 and 3100.

“All four sizes allow cost-optimised operation thanks to their advanced technology. They all allow energy consumption and material loss to be reduced considerably. The Westomat only requires one third of the energy consumed by ladle systems, and its metal loss of 0.06 percent amounts to only 20 percent of the usual metal loss,” explains Nanzhou Zhang, Sales Director of StrikoWestofen Asia.

“Other arguments encouraging Hongbang to place the order were the process reliability and the high temperature stability of the metal. In addition, the mode of functioning of modern dosing furnaces makes a significant contribution to the sparing use of resources. Policy in China is now focusing more and more on environmental awareness, and foundry companies have to react with efficient systems. The Hongbang Die Casting Company has therefore already announced that StrikoWestofen Asia can expect further orders in the future – for the Westomat and for the StrikoMelter.”

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