Click2Cast casting process simulation software now available in South Africa

Practical applications in both design and engineering – download a free trial.

Altair South Africa have added Click2Cast, a casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimise their manufactured components, to their portfolio of growing manufacturing solutions software that they market in South Africa.

Altair South Africa was established when the US based parent company acquired Stellenbosch, western Cape company EM Software & Systems SA (EMSS), the developer of the FEKO electromagnetics analysis suite, in June 2014. Altair’s software business lines include solidThinking and HyperWorks and incorporate products such as Inspire and Evolve. Click2Cast was acquired by Altair in September 2015.


Click2Cast is a guided casting process simulation software with an innovative user experience catering to experts and beginners. Click2Cast enables users to massively improve the quality of castings by clearly identifying casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shuts, and more, all through a user friendly interface. It is ideal for product and process engineers seeking to maximize quality, productivity and profitability of their metal casting parts and manufacturing operations. It simplifies the complex simulation process to five steps to perform any necessary casting simulations.

No special training is required and the user does not need an extensive technical background. Click2Cast is a very effective and powerful design tool, with applications in a wide variety of industrial applications. The software is great value for any size company due to this low learning curve which eliminates the need to hire new qualified staff to run the software.

“Using Click2Cast for casting simulation allows us to quickly perform iterative improvements on our projects, reducing the time necessary to achieve an optimal casting process. This reduction in design time is reflected on the reduction of tooling development costs,” says Eder de Sousa of IMM: Industria de Moldes y Matrices in Brazil.


Click2Cast simulations will help to optimise the ingate position, the feed and riser designs, the vent overflows and the balancing of multi-cavity moulds. Having practical applications in both design and engineering, Click2Cast software will be made available through Altair’s solidThinking and HyperWorks business lines.

“Since the introduction of the Altair products to South Africa we have seen a lot of interest due to the very easy user interface and the attractive pricing compared to traditional solutions,” said Gronum Smith, Country Manager of Altair South Africa.


“Globally, Inspire has shown the importance of early design exploration before advanced and costly CAD and CAE analysis is done. Minimising the design iterations is absolutely key to productivity, and Altair is a global leader in simulation driven design and innovation.”

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