Combicore cores for lightweight construction in die casting and other casting processes

Highly stable cores used by foundries to implement oil and cooling channels in castings. For the first time, this method enables undercuts even in high-pressure die casting.

New technologies and lightweight construction require new cooling concepts. In high pressure die casting channels for cooling or oil are traditionally achieved by sliders or drilling afterwards. However, such cavities are bound to straight axes in the casting process.

With the innovative and highly stable Combicore solution, casting cores can now be applied in high pressure die casting for the first time, and the method allows for undercuts while retaining their shape, even with a high casting pressure level above 1000 bar.


A cooling element for hybrid technology, a high pressure die casting cast with a Combicore channel. The casting has gained special recognition at the International High Pressure Die Casting Contest

The channels are no longer bound to straight axes. They can now follow the curved shape of the wall with single bends. This method results in a near net shape casting with a significant saving in material, and components are significantly lighter as compared to traditionally manufactured cast parts.

With the Combicore solution, engineers can design and develop new modern components. Combicore has proved to be successful in numerous applications, especially in the automotive sector where the cores are used for oil and cooling channels.

The Combicore cores can also be used in all other casting processes, like sand and chill-mould, as well as heavy metal casting.

Combicore casting cores consist of a metal tube filled with a moulding material. In light thin-walled aluminium castings tubes of different alloys (e.g. AlMn1, AlMgSi0,5) and pure table salt are used. The filled tube is drawn through drawing dies and reduced in diameter. In the process the moulding material is compressed and solidified. The final shaping of the cores takes place on bending machines and if necessary by pressing.


Combicores in different shapes

Combicore cores allow for complex shapes to be cast, be several metres long and castings under 10mm in diameter. Due to the production processes used Combicore cores do not need any binder material or other additives. As a result there are no gases during the casting process.

Additionally, single cores can be connected to channel systems, which are easily inserted into the casting mould. The mounting of fixing bolts can simplify and accelerate the insertion process. After the casting process, the ecological filler material is removed from the tube and can be recycled or used for other purposes.


Stable cores for HPDC with casting pressures >1000 bar

The Combicore solution is about lost cores as the metal cover remains in the casting component as a protective channel wall. In doing so, cast defects or blowholes in the component play a minor part.

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