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August 2021

Keeping precious commodities at home. But what about the cheap imports that are doing more damage?

Spectro introduces Spectromaxx LMX09 arc/spark OES analyser

Progress at Atlantis Foundry proves the value of energy management

SI Group signs agreement to sell industrial resins business to ASK Chemicals

Thomas Abrasives quits production of carbon shot in South Africa

Protea Foundry – a family-orientated business with private corporate ownership

Gyratory crusher full ring spider

Policy directive on the exportation of ferrous and non-ferrous waste and scrap metal extended for two years until July 2023

The new export duty on scrap metals is effective 1 August 2021

Amsted Foundry Solutions delivers on mill spares for the power generation industry

Celebrating the life of a skilful patternmaker – Johann van der Walt

Weir Minerals Africa indirectly links up with Sarco

Hudaco present favourable interim results to end of May 2021

Truckloads of copper worth millions stolen in southern Africa

Different views on chrome ore tax

South Africa signs plan to support R600 billion steel industry

It’s not just South Africa’s chrome ore that China loves, it also loves South Africa’s coal and iron ore

Tokyo 2020: Olympic medals made from old smartphones, laptops

Newly patented manufacturing process of a tungsten alloy enables additive manufacturing of complex components

Lowering the pressure on die-casting development

ASK Chemicals launches ASK Online Academy

Lubricants for large-scale die-casting

AGC Ceramics and voxeljet develop 3D printing ceramics for investment casting shells and cores

Two German firms have developed a process that allows a casting or other component to be secured ready for machining, while at the same time checking it for accuracy of form and position before machining starts

Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens cooperate on digital transformation for die-casting

LK Group introduces the world’s first 9 000T giant die-casting machine

Tesla’s superior engineering cuts costs, giving company new option to stoke demand

Fast and cost-effective: Process-safe additive manufacturing of titanium components in the aerospace industry

Grinding Techniques – a trusted partner to the foundry industry

Morgan Advanced Materials enhances crucible performance with internal coating for aluminium casting applications

The development of the Foseco FEEDEX sleeves