DataProphet: Building smart factories with AI

When the word “manufacturing” is mentioned, the image of automotive assembly lines bristling with robots often comes to mind. Few industrial processes embody the intricacies of modern manufacturing better than automated vehicle assembly plants. It is therefore hardly surprising that these facilities are implementing AI technology.

Vehicle manufacturing companies are looking for cost-effective ways to painlessly transition into the cutting-edge, data-driven world of smart factories, and AI integration represents a significant part of this process. Numerous AI providers are jostling for the privilege of unpacking manufacturers’ hard-earned process data; however, few can guarantee automakers the real, quantifiable ROI they are looking for.

DataProphet is applying its significant AI development experience to producing bespoke machine learning optimisation solutions that truly speak to the needs of automotive manufacturers. DataProphet has achieved real-world results in the detection and elimination of defects and errors by combining predictive and prescriptive machine learning models into a comprehensive process optimisation solution called OMNI. An example of this is the detection and significant reduction of spot welding defects at a large auto assembly plant in South Africa. This helped the manufacturer achieve a monthly saving of 475 000 USD on downtime alone.

OMNI is trained on data generated during the automotive manufacturing process and is able to predict which process variables will result in defective products. OMNI prescribes optimal process variables, enabling operators to actively remedy defects and errors in vehicle assembly lines.

Since smart factories prioritise time-saving, any reduction in the duration of quality control procedures translates directly into increased production. In response to this need, DataProphet developed a cutting-edge visual quality control solution called OMNI|Vision.

Built on advanced modern object detection technology, OMNI|Vision can flag missing components while consistently detecting common assembly errors.

DataProphet is expanding its footprint in the US market, where it will leverage its game-changing technology to the advantage of American car makers that are focussing on reducing costs while improving the quality of their products in a competitive, globalised economy.

Starting at the most elementary levels of auto manufacturing, including the casting of engine blocks, DataProphet’s machine learning technology provides savings at every step of the production line. Added up, small gains such as the flagging of missing inflators in the trunks of completed vehicles can make a significant difference in the smart factory methodology.

DataProphet will be attending AI Manufacturing 2018 in Illinois from 12 to 13 September 2018. There, CEO, Frans Cronje, will deflate the hype around AI, outlining DataProphet’s unique, no-nonsense philosophy on machine learning technology: AI is a tool that should readily conform to existing data and IT infrastructure while delivering quantifiable results.

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