DataProphet launches Artificial Intelligence computer vision system for quality control in manufacturing

DataProphet Inspect uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly improve quality control for Industry 4.0.

DataProphet, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for manufacturing has announced the launch of DataProphet Inspect, a cutting-edge machine vision system to enhance the effectiveness of human quality control operators.

Through AI, DataProphet Inspect improves continually and can locate and classify defects on components that the computer system has never seen before. Unlike other machine vision solutions, DataProphet Inspect does not use template matching to detect defects but instead relies on proven machine learning algorithms to flag manufacturing defects.

“DataProphet Inspect combines consistent quality control with unparalleled traceability and consistency. It is the most comprehensive visual QC solution for Industry 4.0,” said Michael Grant, CTO at DataProphet.

The solution already has a proven track record with DataProphet’s beta customers. It has helped a large green sand casting foundry significantly cut down on common debilitating casting defects. Read the case study here: (

DataProphet Inspect is available immediately and can easily be customised if required. It is offered as a stand alone solution or can be combined with DataProphet Prescribe, previously known as OMNI. DataProphet’s AI solution suite is proven to reduce defects and scrap by at least 50 per cent and improve plant efficiency.

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