Despite all the difficulties and challenges of COVID-19 O.M.LER s.r.l. is optimistic

The end of each year is traditionally the time to evaluate a company or individual’s performance – whether the goals and budgets set were met, to celebrate the achievements in the year and to analyse why and devise a solution, if the year was not as successful as was expected.

“Like many O.M.LER s.r.l. and their South African agent, Globen Engineering Services & Supplies (Pty) Ltd, 2020 was a very challenging year. O.M.LER’s business for the first three months of the year was very successful, on a worldwide basis,” said a company spokesperson

“We were also very enthusiastic because had we signed an agency agreement with Globen Engineering in South Africa and had good dealings and negotiations regarding a distributorship agreement with a company in Indonesia.”

“But then, alas, the COVID-19 pandemic changed many things in many companies in Europe and worldwide.”

“Despite all the difficulties and challenges that are associated with COVID-19, O.M.LER and Globen Engineering remain optimistic about the future in Europe, as well as in South Africa.”

“In the last few months of 2020, O.M.LER has seen business confidence increasing again. In Italy and in Europe, as the summer has ended, blending into autumn, O.M.LER’s business performance results have improved and given O.M.LER good reason for optimism for the future.”

“To our South African clients, please note that O.M.LER co-operates very closely with its South African agent, Globen Engineering Services & Supplies, who offers customers in Southern Africa hands-on solutions that enable them to optimise and update their decoring requirements and machines.”

“O.M.Ler and Globen Engineering offer diverse decoring solutions, e.g. two models of the pneumatic decoring hammers – Model RVC70 and the Model AF1470 – which are specific to the casting type to be decored, and to suit the decoring application and machine, like decoring benches as an example. Every O.M.Ler decoring bench is designed and manufactured in accordance with the specific needs of the customer.”

“From O.M.LER and their agents across the world, we sincerely wish that 2021 will be a better and less challenging year for all, and that new projects and 2021’s goals can be attained.”

“The O.M.LER team has been working hard during the lockdown period and in the new year will be ready to launch onto the world market a new and innovative decoring machine for foundries. Watch this space and stay tuned to receive O.M.LER’s important updates!”

For further information contact Globen Engineering Services and Supplies on TEL: 082 450 8232 or visit or