Disa’s mould accuracy controller Disa Mac

Disa’s mould accuracy controller Disa Mac is a high-precision measuring device that captures mould-related mismatch, mould gaps, mould steps and parallelism for each mould before pouring.

The Disa Mac helps identify issues around mould alignment before they become a problem – that is, before they result in unnecessary rework or scrapping of one, more or many castings.

The unique device consists of a bridge-like scanning bracket that is mounted across the mould string between the moulding machine and the pouring unit. This bracket is equipped with laser sensors that continuously scan along the mould string, tracing specifically designed impressions on each mould.

Clever software then uses these readings to calculate key alignment parameters and identify issues according to customer pre-set limits. A warning light on top of the bracket alerts the operator to any issues via a simple traffic light system.

“The Disa Mac allows foundries to keep a constant eye on the mould string, collecting key dimensional data and flagging issues before it’s too late. The Disa Mac ensures that only good, perfectly aligned moulds are poured. The potential reduction in rework and scrap as well as the improvement in casting precision is significant. It’s a simple device, but thanks to the software behind it, it could well revolutionise the casting process for our customers,” said Kasper Paw Madsen, Global Product Manager Digital Solutions at DISA.

In addition to the warning light on top of the Disa Mac bracket, operators can access more detailed Disa Mac data at the operator panel of the moulding machine, viewing real-time data in dashboard, table or graph views. For even deeper analysis of historical Disa Mac data, the system comes with a free version of the Disa Foundry Cockpit, a powerful data platform for foundries.

“There’s great potential in the dimensional data captured by the Disa Mac, that can be analysed over time and correlated with other data, to get an ever deeper understanding of your process. The Disa Foundry Cockpit creates the foundation for this type of analysis, not just for Disa Mac data, but for any type of foundry process data.”

The Disa Mac is available as either an option for all new Disamatic D3 moulding lines or as retrofits to existing Disamatic D3 equipment.

For further details contact Peter Petersen of Mondeco Solutions on 079 448 1277, email peter@mondeco.co.za or visit www.mondeco.co.sa