Discover the world of hardness testing – Emcotest

Emcotest manufacture a wide-range of hardness testing instruments suitable for various applications such as Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, Rockwell, plastics and carbon test methods and the possibility for either single point or advanced, multi-point tests such as case hardness depth, nitriding hardness depth, surface hardness depth, Jominy sample testing and Weld HAZ (heat-affected zone) testing.

The complete range includes manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic that may be configured according to your testing requirements.

Emcotest’s Durajet

These instruments utilise ecos Workflow software for simple management of user rights. The ecos Workflow operating software offers the possibility of selectively and individually controlling user rights by means of user levels. Any number of user levels with different rights can be created and changed at any time. All available rights can be very easily assigned to the desired user level with the help of a rights editor. The users are then assigned to the user level that can, if necessary, be additionally protected by means of a password. This ensures that only authorised users can perform a measurement with the required test method or can change machine settings.

Emcotest’s DuraScan

Also, with Emcotest hardness testers, a measurement data group can be created and selected before the test. All test results are collected in separate lists, allowing them to be represented clearly, exported or saved as a report at any time. Use grouped measurement data management to assign test data to individual users or user groups, components, batches or departments. In addition, frequently used test parameters can be assigned to the measurement data group in the form of templates (method, conversion, geometric correction). This significantly reduces the amount of work for the operator and the possibility of incorrect operation.

IMP is SANAS accredited for hardness and they have extensively trained technicians to assist with repair and calibration of hardness testers.

For further details contact IMP on TEL: 011 916 5000 or visit