Durrans RMS help people affected by the drought

It’s been a particularly difficult summer for many in South Africa. The lack of rain has affected farms and communities all over the country. Water shortages have prompted the #ProjectWaterDrop initiative, which has seen individuals, companies and organisations delivering water to areas affected by the current drought.

In typical South African community spirit, staff from Durrans RMS and Resistant Materials Services have rallied to the plight of the folk in Senekal, one the towns in the Free State province that has been affected the most in this difficult period. It has been reported that the town has not had running water since the 14th December 2015 and that people were fighting over water. Dead cows and ostriches can be seen on the outskirts of the town, and residents have been seen chasing cows away from drinking water so they can have the cow’s supply.


Ryno van Rooyen (Durrans RMS) and JP du Plessis (Resistant Materials Services) before they delivered three tons of water to the citizens of Senekal

“The ethos of Durrans RMS and Resistant Materials Services is one of fundamental character and community spirit,” said Kevin Nesbitt, one of the Directors at the company.

“When our staff approached us with the idea of donating and transporting water to Senekal we had no hesitation in becoming involved with their initiative and assist people in need.”

On the 16th January 2016 at 04:00 hours five vehicles from the company began the four hour journey to Senekal. On board the vehicles was three tons of water that would be given to an old age home, an orphanage and other local citizens of the town.

As in the case with most disasters, humans do come up with creative solutions and show compassion towards each other, not forgetting the animals that are affected by the current water shortage.

“What is important to us is that our staff volunteered to get involved, and showed that they cared about their fellow South Africans that were in need. They included their friends, and made it a fun day out for themselves while giving back to the community of Senekal.”

For further details contact Durrans RMS or Resistant Materials Services on TEL: 011 917 0702 or visit www.durransrms.co.za or www.rmsproducts.co.za