Dynamic dosing system automates ductile iron treatment – Elkem

Elkem, a leading supplier of alloys to the iron foundry industry and their equipment partner Euromac, a source for foundry automation equipment, have joined forces to develop and manufacture a dynamic dosing system.

The dynamic dosing system enables foundries to precisely and automatically calculate, dose and position the treatment alloys into a dedicated pocket in the treatment ladle for high quality ductile iron production.

The robust equipment is custom made to suit the specific requirements and premises of each individual foundry. The quantity, dimensions and positioning of the alloy hoppers and associated transport systems corresponds exactly to the foundry’s requirements.

Based on spectrometer analysis, thermal analysis and other relevant process parameters, the dedicated software enables precise calculation of all treatment additions.

The precision weighing and transport system doses the right quantity of the required materials in the correct sequence and places it precisely in the pocket of the treatment ladle.

The dynamic software directs and registers every process parameter and material addition, reducing the risk of human error and enabling complete traceability of the iron treatment process.

Furthermore, the dynamic dosing software is based on the vast experience of Elkem and Euromac, minimising process variation and progressively optimising addition rates.

Elkem’s dynamic dosing system will improve the iron treatment process consistency, reduce treatment time and improve iron quality while reducing costs and emissions.

Elkem says the dynamic dosing system is more flexible and less costly than other alloy addition methods and it is technically supported by both Elkem and Euromac.

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