DZanetech consolidates national footprint

“In the last issue of Castings SA, we elaborated on how DZanetech had gained traction since opening our doors in 2020 and had taken the necessary steps to provide our customers with the security of products and services they required. We briefly mentioned that because of our national footprint it means that even our most remote customers have access to products and services they need. But we did not expand on what this national footprint and who we have agreements with to represent DZanetech are,” said Jacques Swanepoel, National Sales Manager of DZanetech.

“The Western Cape is an example where it is relatively small in terms of the number of actual industrial foundries operating in the area but it is bolstered by one large foundry that operates in the automotive space and then the majority of art foundries that exist in South Africa are based in the Western Cape area.”

“Art foundries might not use the amount of consumables as required by an industrial foundry but they all need product for their moulding, casting, restoration, repairs and pagination services. And of course they also have furnaces that need constant attention with servicing and repair requirements. The industry has also been boosted with the resurgence of art investment which has contributed to more art foundries opening in the area.”

“We do not have an office in the Western Cape. Rather we are represented by two sources in the area, with both of them covering specific foundries and areas of expertise. Refractory Ceramic & Foundry Suppliers (RCF), a company that was established by Dean Horne in 2000, was appointed to represent us 18 months ago.”

“Dean, as you know, is a foundryman who worked at Cape Foundries and Gearings Foundry in the Cape Town area and at High Alloy Castings in Benoni, Gauteng. He then moved to the consumable sales side and spent 13 years with Foseco South Africa, six years with GFE-MIR Alloys & Minerals and four years with the SI Group.”

“During this time he was very involved in the activities of the Western Cape Institute of Foundrymen (WCIF) and rose to become the institute’s President for four years.”

“Dean opened up a metal fabrication shop – Pro-Steel – in 2004. Besides being mainly a jobbing and fabrication shop offering light steel fabrication, MIG welding and cropping, cutting and bending services it also allowed him to offer foundries a source for many of their maintenance requirements such as hinges, brackets, door frames and other small components. This was soon expanded into supplying ladles and furnace formers and offering a relining of induction furnace service.”

“With RCF Dean was able to expand his exposure to the foundry and melting industries with a broader range of consumables that are used every day in a foundry. These include metal filtration and feeding products, crucibles, crucible stands, thermocouple sheaths, stalk, nozzle and stopper tubes, black refractories, refractory materials, gunning materials, castables, plaster materials, insulation materials, mortar, precast shapes, refractory fire bricks, ceramic materials, ceramic fibre blanket, non ASB insulation mill board, ceramic rope and webbing tape and other foundry and refractory materials used for sand bonding and coating.”

“Dean’s portfolio complements our range of Hüttenes-Albertus HA chemical products, MR Chemie non-destructive testing (NDT) materials and equipment, Versatile Equipments’ foundry sand testing equipment, Vemek’s range of foundry chills, high-quality precision chaplets, chills, core nails and vents and Mycrokleen MK’s brand of industrial and household detergents and cleaners.”

“RCF can now offer a turnkey solution, which is our business philosophy, for the foundry industry. He is very well-known in the industry and through his years of offering great service to the foundries in the area he will be favoured by the owners and buyers.”

“Our other representative in the area is Johan Jooste. Johan was based with us in Gauteng, where he got to know our products intimately. If Dean is not available Johan will step in to help our clients in the area.”

“However, his main focus will be on the other areas of industry that we have expanded into. This includes the timber, construction, automotive and marine industries.”

“We supply and market formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde resins and phenol formaldehyde resins as well as pulp and paper additives, extenders and scavengers for the industry.”

“Since 2013, MycroKleen has been dedicated to developing and perfecting a high-quality chemical range to meet specific needs in the automotive, marine, industrial and household industries.’

“For DZanetech, these collaborations highlight the fact that individual efforts may not always be enough to achieve success, but by combining our strengths and resources, we can accomplish great things.”

For further details contact DZanetech Cape Town on 082 562 8779 (Dean Horne) or 083 454 5465 (Johan Jooste), for Johannesburg 083 274 1657 (Koketso Mamogale) or for Johannesburg/KwaZulu Natal 066 010 0999 (Zaid Syed) or 082 809 7380 (Paul Malone) or visit