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October 2021

Protecting our environment and local resources

August 2021

Keeping precious commodities at home. But what about the cheap imports that are doing more damage?

June 2021

Robots in the foundry

April 2021

Progress made in recycling turned on its head since the pandemic started

February 2021

What is good for the gander is good for the goose!

December 2020

What happens after the pandemic?

October 2020

Milestones must be celebrated

August 2020

Challenging and exciting times

June 2020

Think local. Buy local.

April 2020

Looking back to 2000

February 2020


December 2019

The red sands of the Northern Cape – but what about the washing?

October 2019

Is your foundry capable of handling more demand from the automotive industry?

August 2019

Don’t risk getting stuck in the ‘Iron Age’

June 2019

Disruptive technologies – are they good for the foundry industry?

April 2019

Keeping informed

February 2019

More industry involvement/commitment from Government needed

December 2018

Looking forward to GIFA 2019

October 2018

Rising out of the dross

August 2018

Fit for purpose

June 2018

Sometimes less is more. Did the GMTN exhibitors have foresight?

April 2018

We can be leaders if we participate

February 2018

Who says our foundry industry is not dynamic and progressive?

December 2017

We are open for business in South Africa

October 2017

Casting a future

August 2017

Training the mind

June 2017

What is in store for the SAIF?

April 2017

The smart factory

February 2017

One wonders

December 2016

Spare a thought for the employees

October 2016

We can learn from our international counterparts

August 2016

Despite the naysayers and the apathy within reports, there is positive news out there

June 2016

Is it called power interruption these days?

April 2016

Exploring new ideas in your foundry

February 2016

Changes are happening fast in our industry

December 2015

The new buzz phrase – ‘Water Shedding’

October 2015

It is all about creating a passion for the industry

August 2015

Never a dull moment

June 2015

GIFA 2015 provides an ideal platform to network and learn

April 2015

Putting figures into perspective

February 2015

Talk is cheap – reality does not lie

December 2014

Effective communication

October 2014


August 2014

Is Numsa pushing some unwanted buttons?

June 2014

Celebrating life and the past

April 2014

The mysteries out there

February 2014

The future workforce should not be so demanding

December 2013

Seven essential features of effective websites

October 2013

Don’t overlook the positive news