Efficient filtration in steel and iron castings

Udicell™ – tubular foam ceramic filters for steel and iron castings.

Due to the increasing demands on the quality of today’s castings, especially large and heavy section castings, effective and above all safe filtration during the casting process has become essential. The use of traditional filters in a standard round or square plate shape, however, led to restrictions and safety risks manifesting themselves in the form of filter fractures. Through extensive research and development, ASK Chemicals has succeeded in modifying the filter geometry – now using ceramic foam filters in a tubular design to prevent the above-mentioned restrictions and risks.


Initial attempts together with a well-known German foundry showed significant advantages over conventional plate-shaped filters. The risk of filter fractures was significantly reduced, while at the same time handling has been simplified, and an increase in effective filter area was created. In addition, the end faces of the tubular filters are completely closed by using the same material, so that a breaking of the upper and lower edges and the risk of inclusions of the filter material in the mold cavity is effectively eliminated. Simultaneously, because of its extremely compact design, a structurally strong filter has been created. Tests have shown that the filter structure during a load of several tons of liquid metal had absolutely no distortion, deformation, or cracks.

Value-added design
Udicell™ tubular foam ceramic filters are perfectly suitable for the secure filtering of large quantities of liquid metal and feature a unique, value-added design. The advantages of this design include more than three times the filter area compared to a conventional plate-shaped filter of the same size, a self-supporting geometry, a minimized risk of filter breakage, a compact structure, and a quick and easy installation.


Universal housing for steel and iron casting
In addition, a universal housing for this filter type has been developed which can be used both in iron and steel casting. The geometry of the tubular filter was exploited by designing a very small and compact housing. This concept includes the use of only one tubular filter per housing, reducing the complexity and number of components necessary for effective filtration while improving the safety and stability of the system. Based on the superior design of the tube filter and housing, the risk of filter breakage is practically eliminated. With this complete system, the caster has a safe, easy-to-use and effective tool for filtration of large amounts of liquid metal.

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