Elkem grain refiner alloys Stainseed and Wearseed

“The main challenge for any iron foundry is selecting a product that meets the metallurgical and quality requirements of the cast iron, at the same time providing consistently high performance for optimised production. That’s where you’ll find Elkem to be different. Our integrated foundry approach ensures a comprehensive product line and dedicated life cycle supports our customers,” said a company spokesperson.

“Elkem maintains tight control over its production processes, our foundry alloys lead the field when it comes to quality and consistency. Customer demands are handled by the local and global sales teams, feeding customer challenges to our dedicated R&D Innovation team. They are constantly challenged, ensuring customers’ needs are captured and dealt with in our product offering.”

“Unlike other suppliers, Elkem has a network of metallurgists, process engineers and research staff that are fully accessible to all our customers. With their expertise and laboratory facilities, they’re ready to help you solve your complex casting issues and to develop bespoke products.”

“Advanced engineering and preventative measures are done by our unique Technical Customer Support group (TCS), ensuring best-in-class optimisation to customers. We work together with our customers to solve issues, improve processes and eliminate waste. We continuously follow up with outcome-based evaluation to generate benefits and value to our customers.”

Solutions can also be offered for steel foundries and steel mills which seek to obtain better mechanical properties and less casting defects for steels. Elkem grain refiner alloys Stainseed and Wearseed are inoculants tailormade for stainless steels, wear resistant manganese steels and high chromium white iron, and has even proven beneficial in low alloyed and high alloyed carbon steels. Elkem experts for this type of product and application are present at GIFA as well, to discuss the benefits of these alloys and potentially plan a trial with our staff metallurgists.

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