Endeco Omega Sinto invest in material processing equipment

Accredited with ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Having just completed one of the most successful years in the company’s history, local fabricating and foundry equipment manufacturer Endeco Omega Sinto have now invested in metal processing equipment. The equipment – a 6kW fibre laser and a 165 ton press brake – will be used to cut and bend material to fabricate assemblies used in the manufacture of foundry related equipment for clients in South Africa, as well as for UK parent Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK and other subsidiary companies within the group, including the USA.

“Our fabrication shop is going to be very busy in 2024, as it was last year. After assessing our plate and sheet requirements, which have always been outsourced, we found that it made economical sense to invest in our own sheet and plate processing equipment, which we have done,” said Roy Dias, Managing Director of Endeco Omega Sinto.

“The seed was sown in 2020 when we secured our first international order to supply equipment to a foundry that manufactures a range of small to large castings that meets the needs of companies in the mining, minerals, oil, gas, power and industrial markets. We shipped over 90 tons of fabricated steel to the foundry.”

Last year Endeco Omega Sinto purchased a 6kW fibre laser so as to develop its in-house laser cutting and bending platform

“The equipment was manufactured locally and was assembled at the foundry site once it arrived in Australia and was incorporated into a very large project that the foundry was installing. Endeco Omega Sinto’s contribution to the project, which was project managed by UK parent Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK, included the manufacture of two large compaction tables and the powered roller sections to move the moulding boxes. Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK and other subsidiary companies supplied the balance of the equipment for the project.”

“We were contracted to manufacture four aspects of the overall project. All the equipment manufactured was custom designed by Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK and manufactured in South Africa. The scope of supply was to fabricate two compaction tables to handle moulds sized at 4 000mm by 4 000mm with capacity of 45 tons, as well as two powered roller conveyors to handle the same mould sizes.”

“The other table can accommodate a box with a weight of up to 20 tons.”

“With just that order, even if we realised a saving of R10.00 a kilogram, we could have made a saving of close to R1 million on material processing costs if we had had the equipment to process the material, which mainly consists of plate. That amount goes a long way towards the purchase price of a new fibre laser, for example,” explained Dias.

Endeco Omega Sinto also acquired a 165 ton press brake

“We are not complaining about any of our suppliers’ service except delivery times were a bit tardy at stages. But they are also in business to make money. However, it is when you start to get the volumes like we are doing currently that you do your homework and you realise things can be done differently.”

In-house laser cutting platforms bring a change in modern manufacturing
“Interest in laser-based technologies have increased. Falling costs associated with the enabling technology has helped to fuel the growth of laser-based machine tools. In-house laser cutting platforms are bringing a change in modern manufacturing. For small to mid-sized companies, purchasing laser systems and bringing cutting in-house can be a game changer.”

“In the past economic realities made it difficult to justify purchasing a fibre laser machine and small to medium-sized companies increasingly were reaching out for help. These manufacturing companies faced real issues with being able to fabricate metal parts and assemblies. Traditional laser-based equipment had been geared around high production. The equipment is very expensive, which makes it difficult to near impossible for smaller companies to justify let alone afford. Additionally, it requires highly skilled labour to operate and to find these types of operators is not easy.”

Developing an affordable laser platform without sacrificing quality
“Fortunately, manufacturers have realised that a new generation of laser platforms was needed to help these manufacturing companies take control of their future. These companies found that bringing a laser system in house offered one of the greatest values in controlling manufacturing costs, while solving supplier delivery issues and offsetting the rise in material cost. In-house laser cutting capability also allowed for much faster product development, resulting in new products getting to market that much faster.”

Endeco Omega Sinto are manufacturers of commercial foundry equipment such as this no-bake (air-set) sand casting line, for moulds up to 1 000mm by 1 000mm in size, comprising hopper, sand mixer, vibratory compaction and a roll-over

Developing new business
“Last year we purchased a 6kW fibre laser and a 165 ton press brake. They were affordable, but not cheap or lacking in performance. They fit our profile of working a few hours a day. Of course that gives us spare capacity so we can develop new business but we certainly do not want to be a high-volume service centre.”

“We have developed a good relationship with our UK parent Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery UK wherein we now cut, bend and fabricate material according to their drawings so as to develop assemblies and then ship them back to the UK.”

“They then do final fabrication and assembly either in the UK or in the country where it has been sold to. Different countries have different standards and requirements for the motors and electronics so it makes sense to buy local. This is good business for us in South Africa – it helps to make our new equipment cost effective – and good business for our parent in the UK.”

With its capital equipment investments over the last year, the company won’t have to worry about laser cutting or bending being its bottleneck. “We are at the beginning of this journey and we still have plenty to learn. What we have found out was that in the past we paid for the whole sheet or plate. Now with the nesting software that we have we virtually use the whole sheet or plate. There is very little wastage and of course this is a cost benefit.”

ISO certification
“When our UK parent company Omega Foundry Machinery was acquired by Sintokogio, Ltd (Sinto), located in Nagoya, Japan, in 2018 it opened up doors for us here in South Africa. We changed the company name to Endeco Omega Sinto Pty Ltd so that we had the association of both the Omega and Sinto names.”

“All our equipment is tested with foundry sand prior to despatch to ensure that the equipment performs on-site.”

“In addition to the range of foundry sand plant and equipment that we have become known as the benchmark for in South Africa, we are able to market the vast range of Sinto equipment that the company manufactures for the whole foundry process, from sand treatment to surface treatment finishing, which includes shot blasting equipment, blasting abrasives and peening media,” said Dias.

“The joining of Sinto, one of the world’s largest foundry machinery manufacturing groups and Omega not only expanded existing capabilities beyond equipment to foundry systems and processes, but also increased our exposure to the new foundry technologies such as 3D printing. This is made possible through Sinto’s majority acquisition in 2017 of French ceramic 3D printing company 3DCeram.”

“The association also brought other positives with it such as corporate governance, system enhancement in the manufacturing and financial areas and many other business developments, all of which we have been grateful to experience.”

Endeco Omega Sinto are currently manufacturing a gamma vator sand reclamation plant for a client

“However, one of the biggest influences has been the strict quality policy. The Japanese influence of quality control has permeated down the line and has led us to explore various certification options.”

“We are now proud to say that 2023 culminated in Endeco Omega Sinto being awarded the certification of ISO 45001:2018 which is for occupational health and safety, ISO 14001:2015 which is for environmental management and ISO 9001:2015 which is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). It is no mean feat to be awarded certification for all three of them, let alone at the same time.”

“Organisations use the standards to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. They are also globally recognised standards and implementing the ISO standards means your organisation has put in place effective processes and trained staff to deliver flawless products or services time after time.”

With its capital equipment investments over the last year, the company won’t have to worry about laser cutting or bending being its bottleneck

“We must be the first and only foundry and related equipment manufacturer in South Africa to be awarded these certificates.”

“Going forward the company will continue to drive its moulding and reclamation equipment. Today’s modern foundry is under increasing pressure not only to reduce costs but to reduce its impact on the environment, whilst at the same time improve and maintain its casting quality.”

For further information contact Roy Dias of Endeco Omega Sinto on TEL: 011 907 1785 or email roy@endeco-omega.co.za or visit www.endeco-omega.co.za