Enhancing crucible performance in non-ferrous applications: Foseco

Crucibles may seem like a small part of the casting process, but they have a huge impact on improving energy efficiency and environmental performance in non-ferrous foundries. Recent technological advances have resulted in crucibles that offer improved thermal performance and significantly extended service life.

Crucibles have three overlapping functions within the non-ferrous foundry:
• Melting
• Holding the melt at a specified temperature
• Transferring the melt to the casting area

These applications – and especially the first two – are particularly energy intensive functions.

But there’s more!

While state-of-the-art crucibles are impressive, the ‘secret sauce’ lies in the way they are installed and operated. Installation and operating practices are also critical to achieving consistent crucible performance however, and therefore careful attention to recommended procedures should be followed to ensure foundries get the most from their crucibles.

This paper highlights the critical importance of following recommended procedures to ensure foundries get the most out of their crucibles. You can download at:

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