Evident releases updated Vanta model analysers

Evident says its Vanta handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers deliver improved elemental analysis and material identification using smart and cloud-connected technology.

The scrap analyser manufacturer, formerly branded as Olympus, says its next-generation Vanta handheld units combine performance with comfort. “The updated Vanta Max and Vanta Core portable XRF analysers combine the exceptional accuracy, speed and durability of the Vanta series with improved ergonomics, a refreshed interface and enhanced connectivity for greater comfort and productivity,” Evident says.

The new design includes a balanced handle with an enhanced grip, making the updated portable XRF analysers more comfortable to hold for extended use in the field or lab, the company says, adding, “Combined with their proven ruggedness and ease of use, the analysers can increase uptime in the toughest environments.”

A reconfigured interface has been designed to enable users to work more efficiently, according to Evident. With a wireless connection, users can review, share and manage XRF results on a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, “enabling seamless data integration into their workflow.”

Software updates on the new Vanta models are now automatic, giving users instant access to the latest features. Users also can take advantage of enhanced application support with the option to add custom analytical capabilities, the firm says.

Evident says its Vanta analysers are used by thousands of customers in applications such as scrap recycling, mining, metal fabrication, positive material identification (PMI), environmental assessment, scientific research and education.

The Vanta Max model, which replaces the M series, offers the series’ highest analytical capabilities while Vanta Core model, replacing the C series, combines value with speed, low limits of detection (LODs) and a wide elemental range, making it the standard choice for fast alloy identification, Evident says.

“The next generation of Vanta handheld XRF analysers demonstrates Evident’s commitment to innovation,” Evident Vice President Randy Wertz says. “The new Vanta analysers are designed to empower our customers around the world with exceptional performance, comfort and efficiency, enabling them to achieve outstanding results both in the lab and field.”