Exactcast technology even more efficient

With the integration of Exactcast riser data into the new MAGMA version, foundrymen have access to comprehensive validated data of the Exactcast riser when designing the riser or gating system.

ASK Chemicals has significantly improved its Exactcast riser technology within the last few years. Recent developments such as Exactcast Optima mini-risers provide important benefits to foundries. With the integration of riser data into the new MAGMA5 version, foundrymen have access to comprehensive validated data of the Exactcast riser when designing the riser or gating system.


Exactcast Optima is fitted with a loose molded part and a related pin to provide the optimum breaking edge and reduce fettling costs

Both risers and mini-risers are characterised by specific thermo-physical properties. They are either exothermic or isolating and have different feeding volumes and specific melting properties. Precise knowledge of this information is crucial when modelling the appropriate system. With the latest MAGMA5 Release 5.3, foundrymen have access to this information and can apply the Exactcast mini-riser even more efficiently.The use of simulation increases the efficiency of processes, as it crucially reveals where there is optimisation potential – not merely with the casting development process specifically, by reducing “trial and error”, but also with existing processes generally.

Higher productivity of the moulding line
Exactcast Optima risers represent a further solution successfully rolled out by ASK Chemicals to increase efficiency in foundries. These mini-risers are fitted with a loose metal part in the bottom section (nozzle) and a rigid pin designed to achieve an exactly defined breaking point and, additionally, reduce fettling costs.


Data for Exactcast risers and mini-risers are now available in MAGMA5 Rel. 5.3

A further benefit is the virtually frictionless sleeve and the integrated riser cap of the Exactcast Optima, which prevent crumbling particles from falling into the mold during the compaction process. Riser applications with rigid pins usually destroy the riser during compaction, and crumbling particles from the riser can fall into the mold, which needs to be purged with air afterwards. This can also happen when using spring pins under high compaction pressures. Exactcast Optima risers, by contrast, are fitted with a cover of non-friable material preventing mold contamination and related casting defects, and thereby raising cycle times of the moulding systems.

ASK Chemicals riser solutions are characterised by their efficiency and high-quality feeding performance. They support casting defect prevention and, with the MAGMA5 release, can now also be consulted for modelling the feeding or gating system. They are a powerful and effective combination offering interesting potential for foundries.

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