Ferrari believes in Morgan degassing rotors

Similar to other car manufacturers, Ferrari uses high quality aluminium cast components in its automobiles and requires the basic processes of melting, holding, degassing and casting.

Morgan Advanced Materials approached Ferrari in June 2014 to introduce their silicon carbide degassing rotor for the degassing process in their commercial car manufacturing operation. The Morgan degassing rotor surpassed the graphite rotor in terms of degassing efficiency (aluminium density) as well as operating performance. Ferrari was so impressed with the value that this provided to their operations that they ultimately adopted the degassing rotor for both Commercial and Formula 1 manufacturing lines.


The two product lines are in completely different leagues in terms of performance expectations and the quality of the components. However, Ferrari could observe the distinctive competencies of Morgan’s silicon carbide degassing rotor and wish to initiate development in their Formula 1 sector.

Thrilled with Ferrari’s expectations, Morgan is currently developing the degassing rotors for Formula 1 with Ferrari. This is a new leap for Morgan, in terms of market development where a reputed company, such as Ferrari, has bought into the value offered by Morgan and its silicon carbide degassing rotors.


The one-piece silicon carbide degassing rotors offer an alternative to the graphite material traditionally used for this task. The presence of gas and other particles inside metal castings can negatively impact appearance and performance by decreasing component strength and density, making effective degassing integral to the casting process. The one-piece silicon carbide degassing rotors are available in a range of diameters with shaft lengths up to 1.2 metres. Morgan also offers a selection of adapters to allow the rotors to operate with different degassing machines.

Ferrari, one of the world’s most desired car manufacturers, has operations in commercial sports cars as well as Formula 1 racing.

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