Foam ceramic filters made of highly pure zirconia – particularly high load capacity and very robust

The use of efficient filter systems to remove contaminants and reduce turbulence plays a defining role in the quality of castings. The manufacturer of foundry aids ASK Chemicals provides a comprehensive filter product range for this reason. The specialist company from Hilden supplies highly efficient foam ceramic filters for steel and iron foundries. These filters are manufactured from a very wide range of ceramic materials such as pure zirconia, aluminium oxide – also carbon-bonded – silicon carbide and other special materials. The Udicell and Exactflo filter systems support quality issues such as high metal purity as well as economic objectives through a reduction in additional work and a low rejection rate.

In particular, the fully sintered Udicell foam ceramic filters, produced from partially stabilised zirconium oxide (PSZ) are the first choice for use in steel and iron foundries. Thanks to their chemical, thermal and mechanical robustness, Udicell filters have a very high load capacity and enhance efficiency during the production of steel castings and medium to large iron castings as well as in investment casting.

Attuned to customer-specific requirements, ASK Chemicals develops and produces tailored filters with special surfaces and seals. This ranges from the smallest designs for investment casting right up to top solutions for cast parts in the multi-digit tonnage range.

Foam ceramic filters are also used in other areas of industry, e.g. as kiln furniture for sinter furnaces, flameless burners or for filtering flue gas. ASK Chemicals also serves these areas of application with its highly efficient systems.

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