Foseco celebrates association with Magma with the release of a new version of the Foseco Pro module

20 years of alliance for the benefit of mutual customers.

Foseco, the foundry division of Vesuvius and a world leading supplier of casting consumables, and Magma, a supplier of casting process simulation and virtual optimisation systems, celebrate the 20th anniversary of their strategic alliance with the release of a new version of the Foseco Pro module.

In 2003, the two companies agreed to join forces to support their mutual customers with their complementary product portfolios. At that time, Foseco committed to implement Magmasoft, Magma’s simulation program, in its application teams worldwide. To complement this initiative, Magma developed the first version of the Foseco Pro module, a product database available exclusively to our joint customers. The Foseco Pro module was the first database in the world to cover the main Foseco feeding and filtration products, in terms of their 3D geometries and the modelling of their performance during the casting process. This allows the user to quantitatively consider the Foseco product range in their simulation analyses.

The Foseco Pro module, successfully used by a large number of foundries worldwide, has now been upgraded to meet growing demands in terms of usability and support for new Foseco products.

The new version of the Pro module provides Magmasoft users with a state-of-the-art database that is fully integrated into the new Magmasoft 6.0 user interface. The database allows the user to review and select from the available Foseco product range, loading 3D assemblies of the respective geometries and product properties. The module continues to be to be fully compatible with Magma’s unique Autonomous Engineering capabilities, enabling users to select the best possible products for the given quality requirements.

New capabilities have been added to select not only suitable filters, but also the geometry of the recommended filter core-prints. For steel foundries, the Pro module will now offer the selection of innovative Foseco products such as the HOLLOTEX shroud pouring system, with the complete assembly of diverters or filter boxes conveniently available. This will assist steel foundries in the design of gating systems and the optimisation of their casting processes using simulation.

Foseco win ecoProcess Award at GIFA 2023 for SEMCO water-based coatings
Foseco has been awarded the ecoMetals ecoProcess Award at GIFA 2023. Recognising the company’s SEMCO range of water-based coatings, the award highlights solutions that save energy, materials, and resources in foundry operations.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the ecoProcess Award for our SEMCO range of water-based coatings. Here at Foseco, we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our customers’ operations. Our SEMCO coatings showcase how we are doing just that, enabling foundries to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution in the mould shop,” said Karena Cancilleri, president of foundry technology at Foseco parent company, Vesuvius.

The new SEMCO coatings range includes a range of features that can be combined to offer the ultimate eco-friendly foundry coating technology:

• SEMCO FD fast drying coatings are specifically formulated to reduce oven drying times by up to 50% and thereby cut energy consumption, carbon emissions and drying costs.
• SEMCO CC coatings change colour on drying, allowing the operator to clearly see when moulds and cores are ready to use. This avoids over-drying with associated energy savings of up to 20% achieved in customer trials.
•SEMCO FE formaldehyde-free coatings eliminate the use of formaldehyde as a biocide, reducing coating-related formaldehyde emissions into the foundry by a minimum of 90%.

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