Foseco launches SMARTT degassing process control for rotary degassing of aluminium alloys

Foseco has launched SMARTT-Degassing, an innovative process control for rotary degassing of aluminium alloys. This process controlled by SMARTT, is a software programme that is based on the recently developed Foseco Degassing Model that accurately simulates rotary degassing.

The operator simply defines a melt quality level and SMARTT predicts the best treatment practice based on ambient conditions, melt temperature, rotor design and alloy composition. The treatment parameters are automatically transferred into the FDU MTS degassing unit.

In conjunction with pioneering rotor designs, SMARTT achieves a constant quality level and reliable results. The SMARTT software determines rotor speed, inert gas flow rate and treatment time and transfers this data to the degassing unit before treatment begins.

Four different treatment schemes offer opportunities for the foundry manager to optimise his process in various ways – a significant advance in metallurgical control.

Additional benefits of SMARTT include continuous recording of ambient conditions, 20 programmes on the operator screen, is applicable and suitable to almost all types of FDU, offers automatic degassing to a hydrogen target, and upgassing with N2-H2 mixed gas, as well as data logging of every treatment and all treatment parameters.

Foseco, the Foundry Division of the Vesuvius Group, was established in the UK in 1932 and is a world-leading supplier of products and services to the metalcasting industry.

The history of Foseco, Vesuvius’ foundry division, is also a story of innovation. In Birmingham, UK in 1932, Eric Weiss and Dr Kossy Strauss set up Foundry Services Ltd – the company that would become Foseco. Dr Strauss was a chemist, and with Eric Weiss on the commercial side, their mission was to provide products and services that truly supported the foundry industry. They began with six flux products that they improved iteratively as they learned more about their customers. In the 1940’s, Foseco developed Feedex powder and Ferrux anti-piping covers, and in subsequent decades followed up with innovations such as Kalminex and Feedex exothermic sleeves, Sedex, Stelex and Sivex foam filters, world leading solvent and water based coatings, FDU rotary degassing and the Initek ductile iron process.

Foseco were one of the main sponsors at the recent WFO Technical Forum 2017 & MCC 2017.

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