Foseco South Africa revamps its technical laboratory

Foseco South Africa has recently re-opened its laboratory at its facility in Alrode, Gauteng after it went through a major overhaul and revamp.

“The technical laboratory provides services for foundries in South Africa as well as being able to do local product development. The previous technical laboratory was in use with only some minor changes for almost the last 30 years and was desperately in need of a revamp and an upgrade,” said Jurgen Radstake, Foseco’s Laboratory Manager.

“A new layout and inventory was necessary in order to create a work environment that meets the high safety, health and environmental standards, as well as ensuring the customers demands are fulfilled,” continued Radstake.

“On the physical side the offices were separated from the laboratory and relocated to the 2nd floor above the technical laboratory. The entrance of the laboratory was provided with a ramp and guards to eliminate risk related to heights. Additionally a bigger area with new extraction and good working heights was designed for doing burn tests on sleeves.”

“The main laboratory was equipped with a new fume cupboard, extraction for the furnaces, an emergency shower and new furniture complying to the latest ergonomic standards.”

“Additionally the apparatus in the lab was extended with a GC, an aluminium analyzer and moisture balances. This has resulted in tests being done much faster and more accurately so that the customer will have a quicker response on their sand samples and other analysis.”

“Foseco South Africa will now also be able to assist foundries with a broader range of analysis. For the further development of existing products it means that Foseco South Africa is fully capable of customising products so that our customers are assured that the products they use are 100% suitable for their requirements and processes.”

“Furthermore the knowledge of the laboratory employees is being further extended by participating in foundry knowledge courses and foundry visits to get a better understanding of the products application as well as the customers. In addition to that, quality control will be increased with more tests in order to guarantee a consistently higher quality standard of all of our manufactured products ensuring peace of mind for our customers.”

“A customer open day is also planned so that they can have a closer look at the new state-of- the-art facilities and what we can offer them.”

Foseco is a leading manufacturer and provider of proprietary consumable products and solutions to the global foundry industry. They are dedicated to helping customers improve their operations and businesses with innovative products and services, developing and commercialising the best ideas from customers, employees and their research labs to help customers reach the highest level of performance. Foseco operates in over 100 countries around the world.

For further details contact Foseco South Africa on TEL: 011 903 9500 or visit

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Foseco South Africa has recently revamped its technical laboratory. Heinz Nelissen (Foseco’s Area Director Foundry Northern Europe) officially opened the laboratory together with Mark Wynn (Business Unit Director Foseco South Africa), Enno Krueger (Sales and Marketing Manager) and Jurgen Radstake (Laboratory Manager)

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